What You Need To Know For The Ford Fireworks On The Detroit RiverFrom where to park to where to find your lost child --  information to help guide you through the Detroit fireworks on Monday,  June 26.
Guide To 2015 Detroit FireworksMake sure to arrive early on Monday, June 22, to grab a spot to enjoy the spectacular show.
Detroit City Council Expected To Approve 4-Day Curfew For Anyone Under 18If youth are caught unsupervised during curfew hours, they could be detained and their parents fined upwards of $500.
Detroit Considers Extending Curfew From 1 To 4 Days Around Fireworks; Is It Unconstitutional?Council member Andre Spivey said an expanded curfew seems to have "racial overtones" in the predominantly black city.
57th Annual Fireworks Over Detroit River Set For June 22It's one of the most anticipated events of the summer in downtown Detroit.
More Than 100 Minors Detained For Breaking 'Controversial' Curfew During Detroit FireworksBusloads of minors arrived at police precinct, where they were held overnight until their parents arrived to take them home.
ACLU: Youth Curfew During Detroit Fireworks Is Unconstitutional, Unfair. "...We want the police to take care of crime, but you can't do so by relying on harmful stereotypes about young people in the city Detroit."
Police Investigate Threats Of Violence Planned During FireworksThere have been some online rumblings about planned shootings and gang members engaging in the so-called "knockout game" at the Ford Fireworks.
Preparations For The 2014 Ford Fireworks Display Continue Along The RiverfrontWhile metro Detroiters bask in the first days of summer - preparations for the 2014 Ford Fireworks show continue along the riverfront.