Michigan Road Funding Deal In Doubt With Deadline A Day AwayLeaders agree more than a billion dollars is needed to fix the roads. At issue is how much of a tax increase residents should pay.
Lawmakers Face Pivotal Point In Road Funding TalksIt's crunch time for Michigan lawmakers to reach a deal to address deteriorating roads and bridges.
House Approves Road Funding Bill, Using Money Which Would Go To Schools, Local GovernmentsThe Republican-led Senate recently voted to more than double Michigan's 19-cents-a-gallon gas tax to boost road funding.
Pushing For Gas Tax Hike, Snyder Releases Video Exhibiting State's Crumbling Roads"It’s time to fix the roads," the governor says.
Roads Top Michigan Legislature's Lame-Duck AgendaMichigan lawmakers have three weeks left in their lame-duck session to enact a potentially wide-ranging assortment of bills.
What Michigan Gas Tax Hike Could Cost At PumpA typical Michigan driver would initially pay roughly $4.60 more a month in state gasoline taxes under a gradual tax increase proposed to boost funding for road repairs.
Michigan Senate Votes To Double Gas Tax To Pay For Road RepairsThe Michigan Senate has voted to double the state gasoline tax over four years to raise at least $1 billion to fix roads.
Terri Lynn Land, Gary Peters Spar Over Her Plan To Slash Gas TaxThe idea is that by reducing Washington's middleman role, money would be saved through less "red tape" and bureaucracy. Land estimates savings of up to 20 percent.
What Lawmakers Did, Didn't Do Before Summer BreakLate-night wrangling over hiking taxes to improve roads overshadowed Michigan lawmakers' final days in Lansing before they broke for much of the summer.
Michigan Legislature Adjourns Without Gas Tax HikeMichigan spends less per driver on roads than any other state, yet also has some of the country's highest taxes at the pump.
State Lawmakers Rush To Try To Reach Deal On Road Repair FundingTime is running out for lawmakers to get a deal done to fix the crumbling roads before their self-imposed summer break.
'Gov. Snyder, Thanks For The Potholes!' Sign ReadsYou can't miss it along the pothole-ravaged Beresford Street.
6 Things To Know About Michigan's Gasoline Tax DebateTime's running short if Michigan is going to raise a lot more money to improve bumpy roads — a long source of frustration for drivers.
Michigan Senate Amends Bill To Double Fuel Taxes To Fix RoadsWill a proposed gas tax be the cure to fix Michigan's ravaged roads?
Senate Leader Wants $1.3-$1.5 Billion For Michigan RoadsA top Michigan senator says he's looking to raise $1.3 billion to $1.5 billion a year more to maintain deteriorating roads and bridges.