Bill Would Affect Taxes Related To Oil, Gas WellsA bill moving through Lansing could give a big tax break to oil and gas companies.
MPSC Issues Summer Energy AppraisalThe Michigan Public Service Commission last week issued the "Michigan Energy Appraisal: Summer 2013." The appraisal, published since 1978, reviews the projected prices and availability of energy in Michigan over the coming months.
Customers Want New Technology In Their Cars, But Will They Pay For It?"Saving money on gas" tops consumers wish list.
AAA: Gas Prices Up 9 Cents In Past WeekAAA Michigan says gasoline prices are up about 9 cents per gallon during the past week to a statewide average of $3.41.
Officials Investigate Mid-Michigan Gasoline LeakCity officials, environmental regulators and a company are investigating a gasoline leak that apparently came from a tank at mid-Michigan gas station earlier this year.
Poll: Majority Of Consumers Support Stronger Fuel Economy StandardsAn overwhelming majority of consumers believe that fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks should be improved, according to a new poll by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.
Church Lowers Gas Price In Ypsilanti For Three HoursIf you like the sound of cheap gas, then you should make it a mission to stop in Ypsilanti at the Kampus Korner BP on North Huron Street for a fill-up Saturday morning.
Gas Prices Decreasing Across StateThe news just keeps getting better for Michigan motorists, as gasoline prices across the state fell at least another 14 cents a gallon over the past week.
Analyst: Record Gas Prices Could Hit In SpringWhile one analyst is predicting four-dollar a gallon, a former Shell Oil exec says we could be paying five dollars for a gallon in 2012.
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