Governor Whitmer Announces Special Election Dates To Fill Seat In 34th House DistrictGovernor Gretchen Whitmer today announced the dates for a special election in the 34th District of the state House of Representatives to fill the vacancy created by former state Rep. Sheldon Neeley who resigned after being elected mayor of the city of Flint.
Foods To Avoid During The Government Shutdown Its the longest shutdown in the history of the federal government, and there's no end in sight. 
What To Expect If There's A Partial Government ShutdownA possible partial government shutdown is only a hand full of days away with President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats locked in a dispute over border security with no resolution in sight.
Michigan 1 Of 10 States On Government's List Of Potential Terrorist TargetsCongressional investigators say the government is underestimating the threat of a chemical attack in 10 states -- including Michigan.
The MERS Outbreak: Is The Government Doing Enough?The CDC and WHO claim they are hard at work tracking 100 people that may have come in contact with the deadly MERS virus.
Westland Mayor Among Dozens Meeting With White House To Address Innovative Ideas For City LeadersMayor Wild says he and others also talked to the president about the need for more federal help in providing students training for manufacturing jobs.
Gov't Sells $1.2 Billion In GM Stock, Moving Closer To Selling Entire Stake In AutomakerThe U.S. government sold another $1.2 billion worth of General Motors stock last month as it moves closer to selling its entire stake in the automaker.
Who's Minding The Store For Government Travel Expenses?A newspaper investigation finds the state of Michigan spends at least $40 million a year for employees' travel but there are inconsistencies in reporting and no high-level oversight.
Government Begins Selling GM StakeThe treasury department confirms that it's started selling its remaining 300 million shares of General Motors stock.
Gov't: No Public Deals With Companies Tied To IranPeople or companies with ties to Iran won't be doing business with any arm of government in Michigan.
Lansing Man Pleads Guilty To Spray-Painting Graffiti On Pillars At State CapitalJeffery Handley faces sentencing Dec. 3 in Ingham County Circuit Court for one count of destruction of a memorial or tomb, a charge that can bring up to three months behind bars.