Vice President Pence To Campaign In Grand Rapids WednesdayVice President Mike Pence will campaign in Grand Rapids on Wednesday for President Donald Trump. 
Bank Robber Sentenced To 216 Months' ImprisonmentDavid Wilson Floyd pled guilty in March 2020 to armed bank robbery and attempted bank robbery.
New Emotional Support Dog Will Help American Medical Response Team In Grand RapidsA medical group in Grand Rapids has a new member its team and she's giving everyone a little more hope. 
2020 Michigan Women in Law Enforcement Conference: What To KnowThe event, held in Grand Rapids, is mean to "highlight firsts and inspire futures for men and women" in law enforcement.
Police: Man Breaks Into Home, Stabs 11-year-old In 'Random Act Of Violence'An 11-year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed during a home invasion in an apparent random attack, according to the police department in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Trial Continues For Father Of Convicted KillerKonrad Chance, the brother of convicted killer and mutilator Jared Chance, took the stand Wednesday as a witness against their father.
Police: SUV Stolen With 2 Children InsideAuthorities are still searching for the suspects.
Grand Rapids-Area Woman Gets Kidney From Husband On Christmas EveA Grand Rapids-area man has given his wife an unusual gift at Christmas: a kidney.
A 5-Year-Old Michigan Boy's Kindergarten Class Showed Up For His Adoption HearingA boy in Michigan showed up at the courthouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday for an adoption hearing with his foster parents, and he had a crowd of unusual supporters.
A Michigan City Will Pay $190K To An American War Veteran Who Was Detained By ICEA Michigan city will pay $190,000 to a Marine veteran and United States citizen who was arrested by the police and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.
Allegiant Air Welcomes Newest Michigan Flight Attendant On Make-A-Wish Trip To Disney WorldMake-A-Wish Michigan is sending a little boy and his family to Disney World Monday.