Witnesses Sought After 4 Men Seen Brandishing Multiple Guns On I-75"When you can have a gun that carries more ammunition than I can carry as a police officer, it becomes ridiculous."
Man Charged In Kalamazoo Killing Spree Had No Barriers To Guns"He was a law-abiding citizen up until he pulled the trigger on the first victim."
Some Advocates Leery Of Michigan's Domestic Abuse Gun LawsVictims' rights advocates say Michigan lags behind some other states when it comes to laws meant to keep guns from domestic abusers.
Obama Unveils Presidential Plan To Cut Gun Violence“This is not a plot to take away everybody’s guns,” Obama said in a ceremony in the East Room.
Authorities Urge New Year Celebrations With Bells, Not GunsFiring a gun skyward is a misdemeanor.
Poll Finds Majority Of Michiganders Don't Want Guns In SchoolsMost people in Michigan don't think guns should be allowed in schools, whether the weapons are concealed or openly carried.
Michigan Senate Votes To End Sales Tax On Gun Safety DevicesSupporters say making safety devices more affordable could lead to fewer accidental shootings and gun thefts.
Snyder Signs Bills To Loosen Airsoft Gun RestrictionsGov. Rick Snyder has signed laws relaxing Michigan's restrictions on BB, pellet and paintball guns.
Michigan Lawmakers Move To Loosen BB, Air Gun RestrictionsThe bills are backed by the National Rifle Association.
Educators Reject Proposed Bill That Would Ban Open-Carry, Allow Concealed Guns In Michigan SchoolsThe education community is not enamored with a proposed "compromise" on guns in Michigan schools.
Michigan House Votes To Carve Air Guns Out Of Firearms LawsA package approved Thursday would carve out pellet and air guns from some Michigan firearms laws.