Halitosis: 10 Reasons and Remedies For Bad BreathAre you constantly failing the "sniff test," in which you surreptitiously blow into your cupped hands to check for stinky breath?
5.1 Million Pounds Of Beef Added To Recall Due To SalmonellaJBS Tolleson, Inc. is recalling more than 5.1 million pounds of raw beef products that may be tainted with salmonella, the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service said Tuesday.
Preschoolers Served Pine-Sol In Juice Mix-UpInstead of apple juice, children at a Hawaii preschool were served Pine-Sol by mistake, according to a Hawaii Department of Health report.
Hepatitis A Outbreak Spanning 12 States Linked To Opioid ScourgeAmerica's hepatitis A rates plummeted once vaccinations became widely available in 1996. But that trend has reversed.
Repeat Outbreaks Pressure Produce Industry To Step Up SafetyAfter repeated food poisoning outbreaks linked to romaine lettuce, the produce industry is confronting the failure of its own safety measures in preventing contamination.
Babies Born In Withdrawal New Complication In Opioid CasesThe expansive court case seeking to hold drugmakers responsible for the nation's opioid crisis has a new complication: How does it deal with claims covering the thousands of babies born addicted to the drugs?
Woman Finds Cockroach In Soup At Novi Restaurant, Calls PoliceThis popular chain restaurant reportedly served a cockroach in some French onion soup and the diner wanted the police to know.
Michigan Agencies Are Helping Schools Check For Lead In PlumbingMichigan agencies are offering to help schools check their plumbing for lead.
Chinese Scientist Claims First Gene-Edited Babies, Sparks Worldwide OutrageA Chinese hospital has denied involvement in the alleged delivery of the world's first genetically edited babies, and experts worldwide have voiced outrage at such use of the technology.
New Report Suggests 1 In 40 US Kids Have AutismA survey of parents across the United States estimates that one in 40 children has autism spectrum disorder, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.
How To Navigate The Holidays With Dietary RestrictionsThe holidays may be a time of love and cheer, but there can be a dark side to all that togetherness: diet sabotage.
Common Myths About Bloating, DeflatedHere are some myths, debunked, to give you a better sense of what bloating really is, what it isn't and what you can do about it.
CDC Says Americans Sit To MuchYou've heard it before, but the message is still urgent: One in four US adults sits for more than eight hours a day, according to a new study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Report: One-Third Of US Parents Plan To Skip Flu Shots For Kids This SeasonThirty-four percent of US parents said their child was unlikely to get the flu vaccine this year, according to a report published Monday by C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.
Report: Limiting Screen Time For Your Kid? It's Harder Than It LooksFor many parents, limiting screen time for their children seems like an exercise in futility. They are busy, overwhelmed and tired of the fight against increasingly omnipresent screens.