Part Of Black History Collection Thrown In TrashA group carrying flashlights, dove into large trash bins and pulled out a fraction of the collection of materials from the civil rights movement
ACLU Sues Over Reading On Behalf Of StudentsThe American Civil Liberties Union is suing on behalf of more than 950 Highland Park Public Schools students and their parents, claiming children aren't getting the tools needed to learn to read.
State To Advance Highland Park Schools $178KMichigan officials will advance the financially troubled Highland Park school district $178,000 to help meet payroll this week.
Highland Park Schools Get $4M To Finish Year Despite state advances and bailouts, it was expected that the school district would not be able to meet Friday's payroll.
Highland Park Schools' Emergency Manager To Meet With Parents The man who's in charge of straightening out the finances of the struggling Highland Park school district will begin meeting with parents Tuesday.
Highland Park Schools EFM Now In PlaceMany parents in Highland Park are hoping that this Monday marks a new beginning for their troubled school district. Certified Public Accountant Jack Martin is now in place as emergency financial manager for the struggling district.
State Names EM For Highland Park SchoolsJack Martin, a CPA and the former CFO for the U.S. Department of Education, has been appointed Emergency Manager for Highland Park Schools.
Snyder Sends Letter To H.P. ParentsWhile Highland Park School officials were making their case against the state sending in an emergency financial manager, Governor Rick Snyder sent parents a letter telling them why Lansing should be involved.
Highland Park Schools Requests Hearing As State Takeover LoomsHighland Park school officials have requested a hearing after Gov. Snyder determined an emergency manager is needed.
Emergency Manager Recommended For Highland Park SchoolsA review team is recommending an emergency manager be appointed for Highland Park Schools after determining the district is in a financial emergency.