President, State House Are Top Races In MichiganHillary Clinton is confident Michigan will remain reliably Democratic, while Donald Trump is hoping he is the presidential nominee who can finally carry the state for Republicans again.
Harbaugh Beams Behind Barack Obama During Ann Arbor Campaign Stop"If your trusted advisers don't trust you to tweet, how can we trust him with the nuclear codes?" Obama said.
Ted Nugent Warms Up Trump Crowd In Michigan With Crotch Grab“I got your blue state right here, baby,” Nugent said at one point. “Black and blue.”
Presidential Candidates, Supporters Make Final Push In Michigan Before Election DayIn the final days leading into the 2016 Presidential election approach, both candidates and their supporters will make one final push in Michigan, which has now become a swing state.
Clinton In Detroit: 'Anger Is Not A Plan'Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made an appearance before a big crowd at Detroit's Eastern Market on Monday afternoon, as some polls show her lead over opponent Donald Trump is shrinking in the state.
'Hillacream' And 'Trumpkin' Pies Featuring Candidates' Faces Big Sellers For Local BakerFor those tired of the bitterness of the presidential campaign, it's a sweet alternative.
Vote By Text Scam Sweeps Twitter -- Trump Supporters BlamedDon't be fooled.
Clinton, Trump Use Whatever They Got In The Final PushKnock on every door. Marshal every volunteer. Lodge every attack.
Bill Clinton Seeks 'Black Vote' For Hillary At Private Meeting In Detroit"The message was we've gotta get Hillary elected, and we have to be sure that we're mobilizing our troops."
Survey Shows Clinton Winning Michigan Easily Over Trump“Michigan looks set to remain blue this year as Trump has failed to expand his base..."
Clinton Responds To Latest FBI Email Investigation: 'Let's Get It Out'FBI Director James Comey told Congress in a letter that the emails prompted investigators to take another look at whether classified information had been mishandled.
Hillary Clinton Has Staggering Lead Among Michigan's Liquor DrinkersOn the other hand, Donald Trump leads her by one percent with those who don't drink.
Cher Coming To Metro Detroit For Halloween Night Fundraiser For Hillary ClintonThe location hasn't been announced.
Trump, Clinton Trade Caustic Barbs As Roast Turns BitterTrump, who had drawn big laughs earlier in the speech, appeared to lose the room as he repeatedly dug in with caustic swipes at Clinton, drawing rare boos at a charity event meant to raise money for impoverished children.
Takeaways: Trump Sends Shock Waves With Defiant StanceUnconventional as always, the celebrity businessman wouldn't commit to conceding the election if he fails to win the White House, a staggering declaration by a presidential nominee.