Could The 2016 Election Be Rigged? MSU Political Scientist Weighs InThat would only be an issue if the election is very close or determined by one state.
'Trump Folks Throwing Everything At The Wall They Can Think Of,' Says EMU ProfThere will be one more chance for the presidential candidates to make their case to the undecided.
Clinton Continues To Criticize Trump's 'Locker Room Banter' During Visit To DetroitOne day after her second head-to-head debate with Republican opponent Donald Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton visited Detroit on Monday, speaking before a packed and supportive crowd on the campus of Wayne State University.
Mike Duggan: Donald Trump Used Detroiters 'As Props'The mayor says he's received "deplorable" hate mail from Trump supporters.
Hillary Clinton Makes Stop At WSU To Rally Michiganders To Get Out The VoteThe Democratic presidential candidate returns to Michigan within hours of what is being called a cringe worthy debate.
EMU Prof: Not A Matter Of If, But When Hillary Brings Up Trump's 2005 Video"... it' not a matter of if, but when Hillary Clinton will bring up the disturbing video."
LeBron Backs Hillary Clinton For President In EditorialLeBron James has given Hillary Clinton an assist.
'Michigan Matters' Focus: Trump’s Michigan Imprint Grows; Will Hillary's Wither?With the first presidential debate in the history books -- the race to win the White House is heating up as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump drill down on Michigan and other key swing states.
Donald Trump Polls At 0 Percent In Detroit"Of course, he wants to win Michigan."
Chloe Grace Moretz Visits Michigan Universities On Hillary Clinton Voter Registration TourMoretz will kick off several voter registration events at Michigan universities Friday and Saturday.
Katy Perry Wants You To Know She Votes Naked [VIDEO]Will this video make you want to vote?
Trump-Clinton Debate Expected To Draw Record Viewership To Clash Of Political TitansWill he insult her history, her health, her looks? Will she verbally lance, deflating him like a Thanksgiving parade balloon?
Kaine Downplays Presidential Readiness Amid Clinton IllnessAs Clinton recovers from pneumonia and prepares to resume campaigning Thursday, Kaine is emphasizing instead that her "energy staggers me. I have a hard time keeping up with her."
Debbie Dingell: Double Standard For Women At Work In Hillary Clinton Health ScareCongresswoman Dingell says that questions about the health of a presidential candidate are a valid concern.
Hillary Clinton Leaves 9-11 Ceremony Feeling 'Overheated'Her campaign says she "felt overheated" and left for her daughter's nearby apartment.