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Royals' Fans Upset Over $1 Dog Night; 'You Just Couldn't Eat It' [PHOTO/VIDEO]So what happened when Ross tried to take his hot dog back? "They kind of told us, 'Well, they're a dollar, so you get what you get,'" Ross said.
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How Are Hot Dogs Made? Find Out... If You Dare [VIDEO]"Stories about how hot dogs are made are legendary."
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Big Ten Tournament Selling Hot Dogs With Cheetos On ThemThe dog that takes the cake for me is the Wisconsin dog which feature cheddar chesse sauce (amazing), pepper jack, provolone, CHEETOS and pepper relish. WOW, now that's a dog!
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Hot Dog Stand DisputeA business called the Dog Pound is suing Monroe after a plan to sell hot dogs from a cart was rejected.
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