Michigan Will See A Minimum Wage Increase In 2020In 2019, the minimum wage was $9.45. Here's what it is now.
STDs Increase Again In Michigan; Regular Testing Urged To Prevent Spread Of DiseasesCombined cases of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia reached an all-time high in the United States in 2018, according to a recently released Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is urging regular testing among sexually active individuals to help stop the spread of these sexually transmitted diseases.
Consumers Energy OK'd To Raise Natural Gas Rates By 7.6 PercentConsumers Energy has been approved to increase natural gas rates by 7.6 percent.
Generation Z Will Pay $226K in Rent in Their Lifetime Generation Z can expect to spend $226,000 on inflation-adjusted rent in their lifetime.
Whirlpool Boosts Dividend 16.3 PercentBenton Harbor-based Whirlpool Corp. said Monday that its board of directors had approved a 16.3 percent increase in the dividend on its common stock.
City Council Says "No" To Rise In Bus Pass FareDetroit City Council Tuesday said "no" to a D-DOT plan to raise the cost of a bus pass to nearly $70.
Your 401k May Be To Blame For Rising Gas PricesIf you're looking to lay blame for higher gas prices, you might want to look no further than your own 401k retirement account.
Look For Gas Prices To IncreaseWith summer just around the corner, you may want to beef up your gasoline budget.
A Good Month For General Motors March auto sales are out and it was a time for General Motors to shine.
Dearborn Reverses The Population TrendDearborn is nationally known as the home of Ford Motor Co., the Henry Ford museum and one of the most concentrated Middle Eastern communities.
X-Rite Sales, Profits JumpThe Kentwood-based color technology manufacturer X-Rite Inc. (Nasdaq: XRIT) reported sharply higher sales and profits in the fourth fiscal quarter and fiscal year that ended Jan. 1.