Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill Into Law At Rare Bipartisan GatheringPresident Joe Biden on Monday signed into law a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package and marked the major legislative victory at a White House event with lawmakers from both parties.
What $1 Trillion Federal Infrastructure Law Means For MichiganThe pending $1 trillion federal infrastructure spending law includes billions for Michigan, including to fix roads, replace lead water pipes, and expand access to high-speed internet and EV charging stations.
Michigan Matters: Cranking up the Volume on Biden, Politics, Elections & ArtIt was talk of politics, the infrastructure bill, Joe Biden and presidential votes that kicked off CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” as former Michigan Republican Chair Saul Anuzis and former Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer appeared to discuss politics in the region and in Washington. 
Whitmer Surveyed Damage From Severe Storms, Commits To Building Resilient InfrastructureGov. Whitmer surveyed the damage from the severe storms in Michigan and commits to building resilient infrastructure and fighting climate change.
Officials Hopeful Record Rainfall Will Bring Help From FEMAThis is the second major flooding event under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration, and she says she wants to work on a long-term infrastructure plan to prevent this from happening in the future.
Michigan Commits To $97M Investment Into RecyclingA group of environmental, political and business leaders in Michigan announced an initiative Monday to invest in recycling infrastructure and eventually triple the state’s recycling rate.
Whitmer Urges Legislature To Pass $300M Budget Request To Fix The State's InfrastructureThe governor says she is urging the legislature to pass a $30 million budget request to fix the state's infrastructure.
Michigan Matters: Fixing Michigan's Crumbling RoadsMichigan Matters Host Carol Cain talks with MDOT Director Paul Ajegba about the state’s infrastructure issues and what's being done to fix them.
Deteriorating Condition Of Roads An Ongoing Issue In MichiganThere’s been no shortage of complaints about, and problems with, large potholes and cracks since the spring thaw.
Driver In Critical Condition After Concrete Goes Through Windshield On I-696State Police say she was traveling westbound through Warren.
After Flint, Lawmakers Study $165M For Other InfrastructureKey legislators are receptive to the concept of the new fund but say details must be hashed out, including how much to spend initially and how to spend it.