Vermont Officials Travel To Michigan After Prison IncidentsThe North Lake Correctional Facility in Baldwin currently houses 236 inmates from Vermont.
House OK's Plan To Send Frail Prisoners To Nursing HomesAbout 120 frail prisoners a year would be released to live in a nursing home under a plan approved by the Michigan House late Wednesday.
New Program Helps Michigan Inmates Prepare For Future JobsThe program offers a certificate of employability and gives inmates an understanding of what employers seek as well as how workers should act.
Judge Dismisses Flying Spaghetti Monster Religion As ParodyHe said in his ruling that "FSMism" is not a religion as outlined by federal law.
Judge: Jail Must Notify Senders When Inmate Mail Is RejectedThe American Civil Liberties Union separately sued over the issue.
Inmates Protest Food Quality At Second Michigan PrisonAn official says inmates at a second prison in Michigan's Upper Peninsula have participated in a peaceful protest over the quality of food provided by a state contractor.
Inmates Protest Food Quality At Northern Michigan PrisonMost of the facility's nearly 1,300 inmates didn't get meals as usual on Monday.
Photographer Captures Death Row Inmate's Last Meals [PHOTOS]Photographer Henry Hargreaves has published a "No Seconds" series of photos of death row inmate's last meals and it's pretty interesting.
Angel Tree Program Provides Gifts From Parents Behind BarsBeing away from your loved ones is always tough during the holidays — especially if one of them is in prison.
Michigan House Approves Bill To Parole Inmates After Minimum SentenceThe move is expected to curtail prison spending by at least $75 million annually within five to 10 years -- the equivalent of closing two prisons.
Bill Would Require Michigan Inmates Be Paroled After Minimum SentenceCost-conscious lawmakers are planning to vote on legislation designed to ensure certain prisoners are not locked up beyond their earliest release date.