At Long Last, Bob Quinn's Offensive Line Has ArrivedTime for that unit to prove its worth. 
Abdullah Unfazed By Fumbles: "I Don’t Have To Prove Anything"Abdullah is a confident person by nature, and no number of fumbles could change that.
Jim Bob Cooter Explains "Encouraging" Aspect Of Red Zone StrugglesIf he had to boil the problems down to one, Cooter said, "It's details. It's focused on details."
Is Marvin Jones Happy With His Role In Lions' Offense?When asked if he's getting enough opportunities, he smiled coyly, almost like he wanted to say something he knew he shouldn't.
Is Law Of Averages Set To Ground Lions Defense?The Lions are on pace for 44 takeaways, and no team has surpassed that number since the Chargers produced 48 in 2007.
Lions Coaches Strangely Mum In Defense Of Spence, RobinsonCaldwell is cautious with the media, and his assistant coaches follow his lead.
Lions Make Gains On Ground, Searching For MoreThe challenge, ahead of a Week 3 matchup with the Falcons, will be turning a performance into a trend.
Jim Bob Cooter Was Having Bad Thoughts On Golladay's Second TDIt was likely Stafford's deception that saved the play.
Golladay, TJ Jones Morphing Into Receiver The Lions NeedIf Tate and Marvin Jones are entrenched at the top of the food chain, Golladay and TJ Jones are just as hungry below them.
Why A 9-7 Season Would Be A Failure For The LionsFor the Lions to make this season count, to make it really stand for something, they need to lock up the NFC North either this weekend or next and then make some noise in the playoffs.
Giants' Secondary Licking Its Chops Over Injured StaffordCooter said he isn't sure how much the Giants will target Stafford's finger, but knows a lot happens on the field - beneath pile-ups, along the line of scrimmage - that spectators don't see.