Biden Says He Didn't Understand How Big An Effect Abbott Plant Shutdown Would Have On Baby FormulaPresident Joe Biden conceded Wednesday he didn't understand how big of an effect the shutdown of an Abbott baby formula plant in Michigan and subsequent recalls would have on the baby formula supply until April.
Biden To Host Roundtable With Baby Formula MakersPresident Joe Biden is set to meet with infant formula manufacturers as his administration works to ease nationwide shortages by importing foreign supplies and using the Defense Production Act to speed domestic production.
Abbott Says Agreement Reached To Reopen Baby Formula PlantUnder fire from parents and politicians, President Joe Biden is offering formula manufacturers and retailers transportation and logistics support to ease the nationwide shortage of baby formula, as the administration works to bring the largest domestic plant back on line after it was shut down early this year due to safety issues.
Biden To Speak With Baby Formula Companies, Announce Steps To Address ShortagePresident Joe Biden on Thursday will speak with companies that manufacture and sell baby formula as well as announce new actions to address supply shortages, a White House official said.
Biden Announces Oil Reserve Release, Presses Oil Companies To Do Their Part To Reduce Gas PricesPresident Joe Biden on Thursday announced an unprecedented release of oil from US reserves and several steps his administration is taking to punish oil companies for not increasing production from unused leases on federal land.
Biden Condemns 'Russia's Unprovoked And Unjustified Attack On Ukraine'U.S. President Joe Biden condemned Russia's "unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces" in a statement Wednesday evening following explosions in Ukraine.
Fourth Stimulus Check: Is Another Relief Payment Coming?COVID is still affecting the economic recovery for millions of Americans. Would a fourth stimulus check help?
Michigan Matters: Powering EVs, Wireless Charging Roads and Drones
Fourth Stimulus Check: Will You Get Another Relief Payment?COVID is still limiting the economic recovery for millions of Americans. Would a fourth stimulus check help?
Michigan Matters: Cranking up the Volume on Biden, Politics, Elections & ArtIt was talk of politics, the infrastructure bill, Joe Biden and presidential votes that kicked off CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” as former Michigan Republican Chair Saul Anuzis and former Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer appeared to discuss politics in the region and in Washington. 
Stimulus Check Latest: Is A Fourth Relief Payment Coming?A spike in COVID cases is still preventing the ongoing economic recovery from reaching millions of Americans, though a fourth stimulus check could help.