Trump Issues Warning To McCain After Senator's Tough Speech: 'It Won't Be Pretty' Sen. John McCain questioned "half-baked, spurious nationalism" in America's foreign policy.
McCain Calls Brain Cancer Prognosis 'Very Poor'The Senator says he has gratitude for having lived "a great life."
Cancer Isn't Silencing McCain In His Latest ChapterWhen Trump won, he called for a special committee to investigate Russian meddling in the election.
Neurosurgeon About Brain Cancer: 'There's Never Been A More Hopeful Time'The brain tumor is called a glioblastoma -- about 17,000 people in the US are diagnosed with it every year.
Senator John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Tumor A statement released by the office of Arizona Senator John McCain states that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. 
Donald Trump Still Committed To Michigan Visit Despite Veterans' Controversy"He has the right to say what he wants to say.”
Opinion: Shame Of The SenateThe Brain Dead Republican Congress has had some low points, but last week's Senate vote on a United Nations treaty for the disabled was notable in its outrageousness.
Opinion: Susan Rice’s Meeting With GOP Leaders Made Benghazi Matters WorseNow that the Obama White House and senior intelligence officials have reportedly admitted that they approved Susan Rice’s inaccurate talking points about the Benghazi terrorist attack being the reaction to a protest about a film rather than a terrorist attack, the investigation must go on.
Opinion: Why Benghazi MattersAs the politicians on the “left” and other persons on the political “left” insist that the election is over and that is why the rest of Americans should move on and drop the Benghazi, Libya controversy, those “leftists” need to understand exactly why the truth about the Benghazi terrorist attack needs to come out.
Opinion: Obama’s Press Conference Extremely DisturbingObama's press conference confirmed the fear that many Americans have. It’s the fear that Americans are apparently in for more of the same in terms of having a non-compromising and less-than-totally-transparent politician in the Oval Office.
Opinion: Karl Rove Is The Most Overrated Person In Politics TodayRove has managed to spin himself a personal fortune in national politics. His reputation, however, does not match his accomplishments.