'Facts Of Life: The Lost Episode' At Ringwald Is Classic BurlesquePlaying a testosterone-charged Jo with five-o'clock-shadow and bare, unshaven legs, the character's sexual ambiguity – on top of cross-dressing – is parody at its best.
Summertime Blues? 'Resort' To 'On Golden Pond'If a healthy dose of life, love and nostalgia is your antidote to the long, hot summer, sit back with a simple dose of "On Golden Pond."
Review: 'Sylvia' Is A Doggone Good Time"Sylvia" is one of the most intelligent scripts in the catalogue. It is light, witty and yet probes the complex emotional bond between people and pets.
Mt. Clemens Company Celebrates Revival With A Gospel MusicalThere's a wealth of beauty in the simple lyrics and tunes of rural America, and the music of its small churches is profoundly uplifting. Say what you will about Christianity, but its message is hope.
Epicenter Brings 'A Comic Folktale'The problem, it seems, is this: Huey has come to believe his manhood was stolen three years ago by his ex-wife, Janice (Erin Edgerton), and he can't move forward with his life until he woos Janice and gets her back.
Review: 'Taking Care Of Mimi' Is No Mini TaskThe subtitle of "Taking Care of Mimi" is "A morality murder mystery."
'The Do Over' In Hamtramck Gets It Right The First Time"The Do Over" runs only about an hour, yet never seems rushed. The story has a beginning, a middle and an end, but just when you think it's all wrapped up, along comes a sweet little coda.
The Ringwald Brings Heavenly Comedy Down To EarthThere's trouble lurking behind closed doors of the convent.
Heart'felt' 'Avenue Q' Is Risque Fun, 'Fur' Sure! "Avenue Q" is a counter-cultural poke at its inspiration's incessant optimism. Regardless of the puppetry involved, this ain't kid's stuff. Both in song and story, the musical is profane, bawdy, and occasionally raunchy.
Detroit Theater Experience Takes On The TownThe out-of-theater experience includes the lot at Detroit Farm and Garden and the plaza of the Bagley Street Pedestrian Bridge, the weak bandage on that battle wound from technology run amok, I-75.
'Blue Man Group' Invades DetroitThe humor is distinctively off-the-wall and runs the scale from sophisticated wit to gags that will thrill 14-year-old boys. It is accompanied by a surprisingly unified musical score.