Detroit EM To Go Ahead With Land Sale For New US-Canada Bridge Despite ObjectionsUnder Michigan state law, Kevyn Orr has the power to veto Detroit City Council's vote and go ahead with the $1.4 million sale.
Detroit, Key Bankruptcy Plan Opponent Reach DealThe joint filing by the city and bond insurer Syncora Guarantee said that they "have reached an agreement in principle" to settle the company's $400 million claim in the nation's largest-ever municipal bankruptcy case.
Detroit's Historic Bankruptcy Trial Begins"All the revenue sources creditors can reach and are permitted to reach are exhausted," Bennett told Judge Steven Rhodes.
Creditor Opposes Detroit Debt Plan, Says Scrap ItSyncora Guarantee said in a court filing that the plan put together by state-appointed emergency manager Kevyn Orr and attorneys hired by the city is unfair.
Detroit Emergency Manager Solicits Parking Bids Despite Council's ObjectionKevyn Orr is moving ahead with a plan to privatize the city's parking department despite the City Council's rejection of the proposal.
Detroit Mayor Promises Change As He Takes Control Of Water DepartmentMayor Mike Duggan is getting more control over city operations — including the embattled water department.
Detroit Retirees Vote In Favor Of Pension CutsA judge still must hold a trial to determine if Detroit's overall bankruptcy plan is fair and feasible, but support from retirees is vital.
Voting Results On Pension Cuts By City Employees And Retirees Expected TodayMore than 30,000 retirees and current and former workers were eligible to vote on pension changes.
Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr Says He'll Leave Detroit Once Bankruptcy Is Settled"I think it's appropriate for me, when this does come to an end, to exit quietly..."
What’s Ahead For The Great Lakes State? 'Michigan In Transition' Examines Historic Change Of LeadershipAs the state that put the world on wheels looks to its future – change is in the air.
Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Opens Court To Critics A judge overseeing Detroit's bankruptcy is getting an earful from retirees who are opposed to the city's plan to get back on its feet.
Judge Will Hear Objections From The Public On Bankruptcy Plan"This judge wants everybody in Detroit that has an objection to the city's plan to get out of bankruptcy come to court and prove the case," WWJ's Charlie Langton said.
Ficano Objects After Kevyn Orr Awards Raises To Detroit Officials, Others, In Midst Of BankruptcyFicano went so far as to say city officials should decline the raise. "The answer should be not just 'no,' the answer should be 'hell, no," Ficano said.
Michigan Senate Approves 'Grand Bargain' Legislation Michigan's Senate has approved spending $195 million to help shore up Detroit's pension funds, a key legislative step in a deal designed to end the largest public bankruptcy in U.S. history.
Will Detroit Get State Money? Lawmakers Hold Hearings In Lansing Michigan lawmakers are considering legislation to provide state aid to help settle Detroit's bankruptcy.