2-3 Weeks Till Judge Rules On Detroit Bond DebtA judge said he will decide in two to three weeks whether bond insurers' claims that the millions of dollars they are owed by Detroit should be considered secured debt during the city's bankruptcy.
Union: Detroit Restructuring Plan 'A Gut Punch To City Workers And Retirees'AFSCME Council 25 is reacting to the release of Kevyn Orr's plan to dig Detroit out of debt.
Detroit Files Plan To Fix Debt, Leave BankruptcyDetroit's emergency manager has officially filed a plan to restructure the city's $18 billion debt.
Plan To Restructure Detroit's Debt Expected FridayKevyn Orr's long-awaited plan of adjustment will spell out how pensioners, retirees, banks, bond insurers and other creditors will be treated
Detroit's Debt Restructuring Plan 'Complicated' The plan has been touted as the blueprint for Detroit's future and key in the city's sojourn through the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.
Detroit Emergency Manager Presents Plan Of Adjustment To Creditors“Our focus has been to help Detroit regain a strong economic footing,” said Kevyn Orr.
Kevyn Orr Says Detroit Bankruptcy Plan Still Weeks AwayOrr had promised a plan by January, but negotiations between Detroit and creditors have changed the timetable.
New Mayor Of Bankrupt Detroit To Earn $159,000 SalaryDetroit's state-appointed emergency financial manager says he has approved a salary of $159,000 for new Mayor Mike Duggan.
Detroit Emergency Manager Freezing PensionsDetroit is steering thousands of city workers into 401(k)-style retirement accounts and freezing their accrued pension benefits.
Kevyn Orr: Detroit Debt Deal NecessaryKevyn Orr testified Friday in federal court that the proposal to terminate the deal for $165 million is best for Detroit.
Detroit's Mayor-Elect Announces Incoming AdministrationDetroit mayor-elect Mike Duggan prepares to take office in January, announcing several members of his cabinet, Thursday, and detailing his responsibilities.
Judge Orders Detroit To Renegotiate Bank Debt Deal"Orr testified earlier that if the city doesn't get that money, it could to be in bad, bad shape."
Orr: Detroit's Public Services Already Improving Orr said 26,000 lights have been added or fixed, police are responding more quickly to 911 calls and efforts to clear vacant houses have stepped up.
Eye On The Future: 'Detroit's Next Chapter' Special On CBS 62This special presentation features exclusive perspectives from the people playing key roles in the rebuilding of the city as the history-making developments continue to unfold.
Kevyn Orr Plans Next Steps Now That Detroit Is Officially Bankrupt"I want to say to everyone whose a resident of the city, no one is more aware of the hardship that this is going to cause to a number of different people than me," Kevyn Orr said.