Ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick On His Way Back To DetroitThe former mayor of Detroit said he'd be back and a U.S. District Judge in Detroit is helping make that happen. 
Kwame Kilpatrick Files Last-Ditch Motion To Overturn ConvictionHe's not prepared to give up just yet.
Kwame Kilpatrick Says He Shouldn't Have To Pay Any Restitution To DetroitFormer Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick doesn't think he owes the city a dime for his crimes.
Kilpatrick Family Still 'Hoping And Praying' For Presidential PardonBernard Kilpatrick told WWJ he's waiting by the phone.
No Luck For Kwame: Former Detroit Mayor Not Among 78 Pardoned By President ObamaIt was the greatest number of individual clemencies in a single day by any president, but Kwame Kilpatrick was not so lucky.
Kwame Kilpatrick Catches Break With Appeals Court RulingHe may not get out of jail earlier, but former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick may get a break on his bill to Uncle Sam.
Petition Seeks Presidential Clemency For Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame KilpatrickSupporters of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick are turning to President Barack Obama for clemency.
Kwame Kilpatrick Facebook Rant Blames Conspiracy For ImprisonmentAt one point, Kilpatrick describes it as the "the most pressing Civil Rights Issue of our time!"
Supreme Court Declines Appeal Request From Ex-Detroit MayorHis appeal centered on an alleged conflict among his trial attorneys, among other very technical reasons.
Kwame Kilpatrick's Appeal Request To U.S. Supreme Court Denied A major legal defeat for the former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.
Christine Beatty Thanks Ex-Husband On 'Steve Harvey' For Support After Kilpatrick Affair"I needed to show the world what forgiveness looks like, what strength looks like and what a strong black man looks like," said Christine Beatty expressing her gratitude for Lou.
Kwame Kilpatrick Calls Rick Snyder A Liar About Flint Water Crisis From Behind Bars"I wonder how much time you get for knowingly & actually delivering unsafe, dangerous, and poisonous drinking water to the people you represent?"
Kwame Kilpatrick Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Conviction, 28-Year Prison SentenceThe request was recently made after a federal appeals court said it had no interest in taking a second look at the case.
Former Kilpatrick Mistress Christine Beatty Set To Appear In TV Series"From the Bottom Up," chronicles the lives of women trying to turn their lives around.
Appeals Court Has No Interest In Second Look At Kwame Kilpatrick CaseThe decision means the ex-mayor will continue serving a 28-year prison sentence unless the U.S. Supreme Court decides to intervene.