Junk in the Trunk: 10 Essentials You Need In Your Car When The Heat Hits HardSome junk in the trunk can save your behind in case of an automotive emergency. However, don't carry too much as the clutter can weigh down a car, which hurts fuel economy. Here are the 10 essentials that you should carry which are handy and won't weight your car down.
Terry Foster: The Best Way To Watch A Tigers GameSo if you see me at Comerica it is likely to be in the New Amsterdam or along the outfield wall just relaxing.
Terry Foster: It's Hard To Let GoI never expected tears as I stood next to my daughter Celine at gate A-8 in the McNamara terminal earlier this week.
Foster: Mike Martin Hosts Football Clinic At U-MHe charges just $25 and campers will get instruction from Martin and former Michigan and Michigan State players in addition to some of his former teammates from the Titans.
Terry Foster: It Takes A Village To Raise A ChildI am glad I was part of that village earlier this week.
Terry Foster: The Grand Canyon Is A Great Family Vacation DestinationIf you visit Arizona I also recommend a drive through Sedona.
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How Summer Heat Affects Your VehicleSummer heat affects your vehicle in a litany of ways which can turn into pricey repairs. Here are a few issues that the summer heat can create and how to fix them.
Teen Drivers: The Top 10 Tips for Teens MotoristsPractice makes perfect, but statistically, newly-licensed teens make the roads a bit more dangerous. Keep these top 10 tips for teens in mind to make driving practice safe for everyone.
Terry Foster: When You Shouldn't Be Able To Buy A GunIt is more difficult to purchase a dog than it is fire arms.
Terry Foster: Sometimes Parents Don’t Think StraightI see parents snap in the soccer world.