Michigan's Gray Wolf Population Has Stabilized At A Healthy LevelThe latest biennial survey conducted this winter estimated the predator species' population at 695, divided among 143 packs, according to the state Department of Natural Resources.
A Group Of Kayakers On Lake Superior Narrowly Missed A Collapsing Sandstone CliffA group of 18 kayakers paddling on Lake Superior on Monday had stopped to take in the scenic view along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore when, suddenly, sections of the sandstone cliff wall collapsed into the water just yards in front of them.
Funds OKed For Removing Mine Sands From Lake Superior HarborThe federal government has come up with money for removing additional waste mining sands from a section of Lake Superior off Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula.
Dozens Rescued From Small Island Amid Lake Superior WavesAuthorities say they rescued dozens of people from a small island off of Michigan's Upper Peninsula after weather kicked up waves in Lake Superior.
Ice-Breaking Operations Start Along Western Lake SuperiorThe U.S. Coast Guard has started ice-breaking operations in response to developing ice conditions in commercial ports along western Lake Superior and the St. Marys River near Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Coast Guard Air Crew Rescues Stranded Kayaker In Lake Superior [VIDEO]The man was with a group of kayakers when he capsized and then became separated from the group.
Swimmer Rescued From Heavy Surf Off Rocks In Lake SuperiorA person who went swimming in Lake Superior off Marquette in Michigan's Upper Peninsula has been rescued after becoming stranded on an offshore rock formation.
Best Backpacking Trails In The Continental USA brief profile of five of the best backtracking trails in the continental United States
Officials Say Sea Lamprey Numbers Down Across Great LakesThe lamprey is an eel-like creature that uses its suction-cup mouth and sharp teeth to fasten itself to other fish and suck out their bodily fluids.
Huge Lake Trout Caught On Lake Superior [VIDEO]These guys' reactions are great. They scream, they exclaim, they proclaim, they're as excited as I've ever seen anyone in my life.
19th Century Sunken Ship Found 'Amazingly Intact' In Lake SuperiorA schooner that sank in 1899, killing nine people including the captain's wife and infant child, has been discovered in Lake Superior.