Here's A Closer Look At Bills Governor Whitmer Signed Into Law TodayGovernor Whitmer signed House Bills 4731, 4485, and 4412, as well as Senate Bills 255 and 530 in to law on Thursday. Here's a closer look at the bills and who they're sponsored by.   
Suit Seeks To Block Michigan Restrictions On Helping VotersA Democratic group is challenging Michigan’s restrictions on transporting voters to the polls and helping people apply for absentee ballots, asking a federal judge to declare the laws unconstitutional and to block their enforcement.
FDA Faces Mounting Pressure To Release Final E-Cigarette Flavor PolicyIn a letter, a lawmaker is urging the US Food and Drug Administration to issue its compliance policy that would clear the market of unauthorized flavored e-cigarettes.
Denmark Bans the Burqa in PublicDenmark's parliament banned the wearing of face coverings in public spaces.
Michigan to Give Sexual Abuse Victims More Time to SueMichigan Gov. Rick Snyder is expected to sign into law bills inspired by the Larry Nassar scandal.
Parent's Ask Judge to Evict 30-Year-Old Son After He Refused to Move OutAfter their notes, advice and gifts of cash went unheeded, two parents turned to the law to move their adult son out of their house.
House Approves Bill Allowing Parental EavesdroppingLANSING (AP) — Michigan's House wants to give parents free reign in listening to their children's conversations. In a 105-3 vote, lawmakers passed the bill that adds parental exemptions to Michigan's eavesdropping prohibition. Eavesdropping is defined as overhearing, recording, amplifying or transmitting conversations intended to be private
Feeling The Regulatory Burden: How To Take The Confusion Out Of ComplianceManta CEO John Swancinger recommends how to keep up in the rapidly evolving landscape of small business regulations.
Colleges Help Student Startups Navigate The Legal LandscapeJeremy Rubin, an MIT student who led Tidbit, said the controversy had a chilling effect among campus entrepreneurs.
Roads Top Michigan Legislature's Lame-Duck AgendaMichigan lawmakers have three weeks left in their lame-duck session to enact a potentially wide-ranging assortment of bills, topped by the most pressing legislation of all: boosting road funding.
Senators Continue Fight Against Michigan 'Rape Insurance' LawState Democratic Representative Sarah Roberts of St. Clair Shores co-sponsored a bill that would overturn the law.
New Law Allows Driverless Cars On Michigan RoadsGov. Rick Snyder has signed a law allowing companies to test driverless cars on Michigan roads -- but there's a catch.
Obamacare Key Dates In 2014Implementation of the health reform law continues through 2014 with these key dates.
Snyder Signs Law To End Jobless Aid To Drug UsersMichigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law Tuesday denying unemployment benefits to job seekers who fail company drug tests.
Impostor Service Animals Pose Growing Problem"We don't have enough police to stop murders, much less stop people from hauling around pseudo service dogs."