Convicts Paying For Courts As Lawmakers Trump Major RulingThe association referred to the money paid by convicts as a user fee. "If they don't want to pay a fee, don't commit a crime."
Michigan Repeals Old Crimes Like Cursing In Front Of Women, Accepting DuelsOther old and unenforced laws being deleted include restrictions against certain endurance contests such as walkathons and stealing vegetables from a garden.
Michigan Legislature OKs End Of Straight-Party Voting OptionThe bill includes $5 million for additional voting booths after clerks raised concerns that removing the option would lead to longer waits.
Snyder OKs Immunity For Reporting Prescription Drug OverdoseSuspected drug dealers will not qualify.
E-Filing System For Michigan Courts Scheduled For ApprovalJudges could waive e-filing fees for the indigent. The public could see electronically-filed documents at a courthouse for free.
Bill Narrows Sex Offender Exclusion Zones After Court RulingMichigan has the country's fourth-biggest sex offender list.
Marijuana Decriminalization In Grand Rapids Will Stand After Court Declines CaseThe law makes possession of small amounts of marijuana an offense similar to a traffic ticket.
Senate Bill Lowers Minimum Wage For Older Teens, Hikes Training WageThe Michigan Senate is poised to approve a bill that would lower the minimum wage that can be paid to 18- and 19-year-old workers.
Michigan House Considering Bill To Prevent Straight-Ticket VotingCritics say straight-ticket voting is a relic that encourages voters to pick officeholders solely on party affiliation, not their qualifications.
New Laws Regulate Mixed Martial Arts Fights In MichiganGov. Rick Snyder has signed bills regulating bouts between amateur fighters.
Michigan Announces Net Reduction Of 2,100 'Burdensome, Unnecessary' RulesAn office created by Gov. Rick Snyder to make government more efficient reports hitting a milestone.
Michigan House Panel Votes To Ban Common Second-Trimester Abortion ProcedureSupporters say the procedure is gruesome and cruel.
Snyder Signs Law Outlining New Teacher Evaluation Standards Based Partly On Student Test ScoresThe annual evaluation will center primarily on educators' performance and include a classroom observation component.
Michigan Bills Would Ban Second-Trimester Abortion ProcedureAnti-abortion advocates say the procedure, called dilation and evacuation, is essentially the "dismemberment" of a fetus.
Student Test Scores To Impact Teacher Evaluations Under New Framework Passed By Michigan HouseA new state framework for evaluating teachers and school administrators could take effect this academic year.