Report: Pistons Move Announcement Could Come TomorrowThe arena is scheduled to be complete in time for the 2017-18 hockey and basketball seasons.
The Snack Attack: Little Caesars' New Loaded Crazy Bread Bites Are Cheesy Bacon Goodness [TASTE TEST]Little Caesars says its Crazy Bread is so popular that if you lined up all the Crazy Bread sold in a year, it would circle the earth three times.
New Little Caesars Building To Feature 14-Foot-Tall Glass Pizza Slices [PHOTOS]The new nine-story building will have a unique exterior made up of 14-foot-tall, pizza slice-shaped glass sections.
Terry Foster: Gordie Howe Arena Isn't Realistic In Today’s GameCurrently, 85 of 122 arenas and stadiums in the NBA, NFL. NHL and Major League Baseball have corporate naming rights.
The Snack Attack: Little Caesars' Stuffed Crust Deep Dish Pizza Is Unbelievably CheesyTake a second to let that sink in -- a Detroit-style deep dish that has cheese stuffed in the crust!
Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza And Dippers Reviewed (Video)CBS Detroit employees reviewed the new cheese-n-pretzel dippers and soft pretzel crust pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars.
Little Caesars Brings Back Pretzel Crust Pizza And Introduces Pretzel DippersLittle Caesars has brought back pretzel crust pizza, and new pretzel dippers, for a limited time.
Little Caesars Wraps Twitter Feeds In BaconLittle Caesars is wrapping pizza and Twitter timelines in bacon.
Little Caesars Now Baking Bacon Wrapped Pizzas (Review)Little Caesars released its newest pizza Monday, which is a deep dish pizza wrapped in 3.5 feet of bacon.
Little Caesars To Introduce Pizza Wrapped In 3.5 Feet Of BaconLittle Caesars is releasing a new bacon-wrapped, deep dish dish pizza Feb. 23.
Little Caesars To Build New Headquarters Building In DetroitLittle Caesars announced Wednesday it will be expanding its headquarters campus in Detroit with the construction of a new 205,000-square-foot building.