Naked Cyclists Use Public Rental Bikes For New Orleans EventOrganizers of the 2019 World Naked Bike Ride admit they didn't see this coming -- that participants would use publicly available rental Blue Bikes.
Nevada Becomes First State To Ban Most Pre-Employment Marijuana ScreeningNevada has become the first state to ban employers from discriminating against workers for marijuana use, with some exceptions.
Police: Teen Busted For Driving 105 MPH Blames 'Too Many Hot Wings' For Bathroom Emergency"Too many hot wings." That's the excuse a Canadian teenage driver offered to police after he was busted for speeding, according to officials.
Officials Warn Of 'Zombie Snake' That Can Roll Over And Play DeadOfficials in North Carolina are trying to set the record straight about a "harmless" but scary-sounding reptile known as the "Zombie Snake."
Man Says Officer Dumped His Grandmother's Ashes On Ground During SearchA police officer in Kansas City inadvertently lost some of the cremated remains of a suspect's grandmother during a search of the man, officials said.
Police: Woman Squeezed Boyfriend's Genitals 'Until They Were Bleeding'A Florida woman who allegedly grabbed her boyfriend's testicles and squeezed so hard that he bled was charged with battery domestic violence, police said.
Hotel Offers Free Stays For Women From States With Restrictive Abortion BansA hotel in Michigan is offering free lodging and transportation for women who are seeking to have an abortion but live in states that have restricted access to the procedure.
Unexpected Gift Helps Family Cope With Death Of Beloved DogA Connecticut family grieving the loss of their pet dog is receiving comfort from a most unexpected source.
Abused Dog Celebrates Second Life As Taco-Eating Social Media SensationAn abused pit bull that was shot in the face and leg as it escaped an abandoned home three years ago is now a sensation on social media.
Police: High School Students Caught With 3,200 Fentanyl PillsThree summer school students were arrested Wednesday after they were allegedly found in possession of more than 3,200 pills of fentanyl, a potentially deadly synthetic opioid.
Michelin, GMC Developing Airless Tire To Eliminate Flats, BlowoutsMichelin and General Motors are looking to reinvent the wheel with a new airless wheel prototype that could make flat tires and blowouts a thing of the past.