Viewer's Guide: GOP Debate In Detroit About Trump Vs. Everyone ElseHere are some things to watch for Thursday night as the candidates meet in Detroit for the GOP debate.
Rubio Sets Mark On Trump During Stop In Michigan Ahead Of DebateFlorida Senator Marco Rubio followed up on his tepid Super Tuesday results with a campaign appearance in Shelby Township.
Terry Foster: Republican Debate Is WWE Meets The Three StoogesCruz and Rubio kept attacking Trump because Super Tuesday is coming and if they don't make more inroads that this election could be over.
Rubio Gets Introduced And Insulted At The Same Time At Michigan StopOne can only wonder if it brought to mind Vice President Joe Biden's early gaffe when he described then-candidate Obama as "articulate and bright and clean."
Fisticuffs On Mackinac Island! Marco Rubio's Man Allegedly Punches Rand Paul's During GOP Event"Beeson missed a full on shot but still struck Yob in the face with a powerful blow near the jaw."
Rubio: Michigan's Pro-Business Climate A Role Model For Country"Under Governor Snyder corporate taxes have dropped significantly, the city's financial climate has finally been reset through bankruptcy," said Rubio.
Rubio's Climate Change Views Could Hurt 2016 Presidential BidThe presidential hopeful has acknowledged that the climate is changing, but has expressed skepticism that it is being caused solely by humans.
Opinion: 'I'm Not A Scientist, Man' And The GOP's War On ReasonIf Republicans, as a political party, continue this hostility toward science then they do not understand the driving force that science and innovation play in our economy. It also is another proof point in the case that Democrats made about Republican math not adding up.
Opinion: 2012 Democratic National Convention: Superstar-less And On The DefensiveWhat a difference four horrendous years makes. Thinking back to the Democratic National Convention of 2008 and now seeing what’s going on in Charlotte, North Carolina this week at the Democratic National Convention of 2012 shows stark differences. The Democrats have no star power and pale in comparison to the Republicans' star-packed convention in Tampa.