Matt Millen Recalls "Solid" Defense, Capable Receivers On 0-16 Lions“It was brutal because you may not be there physically, but you’re still there mentally,” Millen told on Monday.
Matt Millen Officially Apologizes To Detroit Lions FansThe Detroit Lions are on a roll right now and on a three-game win streak. Still, not everything is going great as one rookie's season had to end a little early and the team's fans got a long overdue apology from none other than Matt Millen.
Matt Millen Admits Front Office Incompetency; 'Sorry, Detroit'"For Matt Millen, taking the reins of a multibillion-dollar NFL franchise was what he considered a “tactical error.”
Was The Lions 2014 Draft Millen-esque? [BLOG]I hope I’m wrong, but the Lions’ offseason so far has been a disaster, and the time that’s past since the seventh round of the draft hasn’t salved that sinking feeling.
Former Lions President Matt Millen Chosen Man Of The YearThe award goes to an individual who is in and around the game of football, has been successful in his role, serves the community and maintains a spotless reputation.
Detroit Lions Sign Matt Millen's CousinThe Detroit Lions have signed undrafted Richmond QB John Laub.
Who Is Detroit's Biggest Loser? As soon as I heard the news that Jeff Backus is calling it quits after 12 years with the Lions, I immediately started to wonder if he is Detroit's biggest loser.
Millen Defends Paterno, Blasts 'Blame Game' In Penn State Case"The Joe that I knew, for the four years that I was under his rule and then as I knew him years after, Joe, he did not waver on the character, on the integrity, all those things."
Worse Than Dontrelle and Daunte While Detroit waits for the decisions of Zack Parise and Ryan Suter, I didn’t want it to go unnoticed that two Motown legends decided to call it quits on Monday afternoon.
Karsch And Anderson Champ And Chump Of The Weekend 3-27-12Champ: Tiger Woods for getting his first PGA Tour win in 30 months.
Matt Millen Breaks Down While Discussing Penn State Sex ScandalMatt Millen, who played for both Paterno and Sandusky at Penn State, broke down when being interviewed about the scandal.