Troy Police Seek Armed Suspect In Case Of McDonald's Drive-Thru Road RageThe suspect and his passenger were described only as males around 20 years old.
Blind Man Sues McDonald's Over Car-Only Drive-Thru PolicyA lawyer says getting a late night snack at McDonald's is "a quintessentially American activity that should not be denied to someone because of their disability."
McDonald's Testing New Garlic FriesThere's something new, and quite pungent, under the golden arches.
McDonald's Testing Bigger, Smaller Versions Of The Big MacThe Grand Mac is made with two one-sixth-pound beef patties, while the Mac Jr. is basically a single-layer Big Mac.
Police: Teens Posing With Guns At McDonald's Prompts LockdownSeveral people called 911.
Healthy Salads At McDonald's? You're Better Off Eating A Big Mac -- SeriouslyIf you're trying to lose weight, a salad might seem like a good choice -- but that all depends on the salad.
GoFundMe Campaign Seeks To Help Victim Of McDonald's Worker Water Throwing"Help me restore his faith in humanity!"
Fast-Food Workers Protest In Rain For $15 Hourly Wage"McDonald's is a billion dollar company and they should give us $15 an hour for the hard work that we do," said one employee.
[VIDEO] Water Thrown In The Face Of Homeless Man By McDonald's EmployeeCaught on camera, the worker is initially talking to a drive-thru customer when attention turns toward the homeless man.
Fine Print: No Biscuits On McDonald's 'All Day Breakfast' Menu In MichiganMetro Detroiters seeking that sausage biscuit may be disappointed as they roll through the drive-thru at lunch.
Workers Demanding $15-An-Hour Wage Briefly Shut Down Detroit McDonald'sThey chanted: "Don't supersize our fries — supersize our wages."
Ronald McDonald Does The Whip And Nae Nae With Kids In DetroitThis clown has some moves! Drawing a crowd of kids and adults in front of a McDonald's restaurant on Grand River and Lahser in Detroit, the company's mascot danced and many joined in.
McDonald's To Offer All Day Breakfast Starting Oct. 6McDonald's is also working to improve its food by toasting buns longer and searing burgers to improve taste.
McDonald's Increases The Size Of The Quarter Pounder With CheeseMcDonald's is increasing the pre-cook weight of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese from four ounces to 4.25 ounces.
ICYMI: 'Together, Grimace, We Could Own This Town' Declares Trump In '02 McDonald's AdIn honor of Throwback Thursday, please enjoy this YouTube gem.