Appeals Court Rules No Crime In Sharing Medical PotThe Michigan appeals court says there's nothing illegal about a medical marijuana user providing a small amount of pot to another registered user at no cost.
Parkinson's May Be Added To Medical Marijuana ListA public hearing is planned later this month to add Parkinson's disease to the list of illnesses that would qualify for medical marijuana use in Michigan.
Dems Relent On Vote To Change Michigan Medical Marijuana LawDemocrats in the Michigan Senate first declined, then decided to give majority Republicans enough votes to make changes sought to the voter-approved medical marijuana law.
Mich. Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Major Medical Marijuana CaseOne of the most significant legal issues since voters approved medical marijuana is on the docket at the Michigan Supreme Court.
Appeals Court Victory For Medical Marijuana LawThe Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that cities cannot ban medical marijuana.
State House Passes Bills To Change Medical Pot LawMichigan lawmakers could be making some changes to the medical marijuana law.
Medical Pot Law No Defense For Michigan DriversThe Michigan appeals court says the state's medical marijuana law doesn't shield people from prosecution if they are caught driving after using pot.
Michigan House Begins Medical Marijuana HearingsThe Michigan House has started the first in a series of hearings on proposals that supporters say would clarify the state's voter-approved law allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
Michigan Faces Medical Marijuana Card BacklogA Michigan official says an equipment malfunction has led to a backlog in printing about 20,000 medical marijuana cards.
Legislators Seek Changes To Mich. Marijuana LawPrompted by an abundance of pot-oriented shops, confused law enforcement and numerous legal disputes, some lawmakers are planning a major push to change a state law allowing marijuana to be used for medical purposes.
Schuette: Criminals Taking Advantage Of Medical Marijuana LawBill Schuette the State Attorney General says criminals are taking advantage of the Michigan Medical Marijuan law.