Top 5 USA Sports MomentsFire up the grill, throw on your best red, white and blue clothing and let's hop in the time machine to celebrate some historic USA sports moments.
Michael Phelps Defends Shark Week 'Race' Against Great White [VIDEO]Don't expect an apology from Michael Phelps to TV viewers who were disappointed with his race against a simulated great white shark for a Discovery Channel Shark Week special.
Phelps Loses By 2 Seconds To Simulated Shark In 'Shark Week' [VIDEO]Michael Phelps has finally met his match in the water: a "great white shark."
Michael Phelps Is Going To Race A SharkWe have seen world class athletes try to race a horse and fail miserably.
Michael Phelps Talks To Congress About Athlete Drug TestingThe retired swimmer is scheduled to testify on Capitol Hill on Tuesday before a congressional committee looking into ways to improve the international anti-doping system.
Retired Michael Phelps Removes Name From Drug Testing SystemMichael Phelps has taken another step to put an official seal on his retirement.
Michael Phelps Says His Son Is Going To MichiganBoomer Phelps, son of 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, does not have a say in the matter.
Michael Phelps Arrives In The U.S. And Shuts Down Local TV Reporter23-time gold medal winner Michael Phelps arrived in Arizona this morning to a small crowd of journalists and cameras, but he wasn't feeling talkative.
Olympians 'Cupping' For Increased Performance; Could It Also Be A Cure For Pain?" ... to my surprise, the cupping didn't hurt," said Dr. Deanna Lites.
Michael Phelps Takes Selfie At Atlanta Barbershop [PHOTO]It's a pretty awesome image : Michael Phelps, posing with a crowd of smiling barbers and customers after getting a haircut on his way to the Olympics.
Phelps To Carry United States Flag During Olympic OpeningUnlike the last four Olympics, Michael Phelps will be taking part in the opening ceremony for the Rio Games.