How Michigan's $54.5 Billion Budget May Affect YouGov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday will sign a $54.5 billion state budget that goes into effect on Oct. 1.
Michigan Lawmakers Approve $54.5 Billion Budgetit includes modest funding increases for roads and education along with new initiatives to boost early literacy and training for jobs in the trades.
Snyder, Lawmakers Reach Deal On Budget FrameworkIt is the fifth straight year the state will transfer general fund money to the road budget.
Michigan House Says 'No' To Film Incentives For Next YearThe House has voted to remove, from next year's state budget, Gov. Rick Snyder's proposal to put $50 million toward incentives for filmmakers
Michigan House Committee OKs $15.8 Billion School BudgetThe $15.8 billion budget bill sets spending for the state's schools, universities and community colleges.
Michigan Senate Approves Another Round Of Budget CutsMichigan is closer to slicing $105 million from the state budget after the Republican-led Senate passed two bills that would help compensate for a shortfall in tax revenue.
Gov. Snyder Announces Plan For Budget Cuts, Education Funding"You have to make tough calls, tough decisions and smart decisions," Gov, Rick Snyder said Wednesday,
Michigan Legislature Adjourns Without Gas Tax HikeMichigan spends less per driver on roads than any other state, yet also has some of the country's highest taxes at the pump.
Michigan Legislature OKs $53.2 Billion BudgetThe legislation - approved 100-10 in the House and 24-12 by the Senate - includes nearly $37.5 billion for all general funding not including an overall 4 percent increase for K-12 schools, universities and community colleges that was approved late Wednesday.
Roads, Schools And More: Where Things Stand In Michigan's Budget TalksMichigan lawmakers are tackling hefty issues in the last weeks before they break for the summer.
Michigan Has $616 Million Less Than Projected; Tax Cut For Homeowners, Renters Off TableBudget director John Roberts said the Republican governor's priorities in coming weeks include securing legislative support for $195 million to help end Detroit's bankruptcy .