Michigan Family Loses Appeal In Lawsuit Over Priest's Funeral RemarksA priest who criticized a teenager's suicide during his funeral is protected by the religion clauses of the First Amendment, the Michigan Court of Appeals said.
Michigan Court: Call To UP Police Was A Terrorist ThreatThe Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction of a man who was charged under an anti-terrorism law when he called a sheriff’s office and said it was going to be “hashtag Las Vegas” if he didn’t get money for a workplace injury, just days after that city experienced the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
Ex-trooper Convicted In Taser-Related Death Loses AppealThe Michigan Court of Appeals has affirmed the conviction and sentence of a former state trooper who shot a Taser at a Detroit teenager, an act that led to his death.
Court OKs Law That Carries More Cash Penalties For ConvictsThe Michigan Court of Appeals has turned aside the latest challenge to a state law that forces criminal defendants to pay millions of dollars a year to partially cover the costs of running local courts.
Court Rejects Restriction On Use Of Medical MarijuanaJudges can’t prevent people from using medical marijuana while on probation for a crime, the Michigan Court of Appeals said.
Michigan Court Rejects Appeal Over Counting BallotsAn effort to stop the certification of Detroit-area votes from the Nov. 3 election was rejected Monday by the Michigan appeals court.
Ven Johnson Law Wins in Michigan Court of Appeals Against State of MichiganDNR Ranger Runs Stop Sign, Collides with Snowmobiler Resulting in Explosion.
Win For The Pigs: Michigan Hog Farm Will Remain Following Court RulingA Michigan Court of Appeals decision this week will allow a Bay County pig farm to remain despite neighbors' complaints over smells.
Governor Whitmer Takes Vaping Case to the Supreme CourtIn response to last week’s Court of Claims order blocking the Department of Health and Human Services’ emergency rules banning flavored nicotine vaping products, Governor Gretchen Whitmer today filed an application for emergency leave with the Michigan Court of Appeals and asked the Michigan Supreme Court to take the case directly.
Mich. Court Rules Marijuana Edibles Off Limits In Some CasesMichigan's Court of Appeals has ruled that baked goods and other food containing marijuana's active ingredient aren't considered "usable marijuana" under state law unless they contain plant material.
Deduction For Teacher Health Care Ruled UnconstitutionalThe Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled unconstitutional a state law forcing school employees to pay 3 percent of their salary toward retiree health care.