Former MSU Gymnastics Coach Kathie Klages Wins Appeal On Nassar-Related ConvictionThe Michigan Court of Appeals on Tuesday overturned a former Michigan State University gymnastics coach's conviction for lying to investigators about her knowledge of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal.
Michigan Court Won't Order Hospital To Use Deworming Drug On Man Who Had COVID-19The daughter of the 68-year-old patient sued the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Abor after it refused to use ivermectin.
Bay City Residents Upset About Odor Lose Decision Against Michigan SugarResidents who complained about foul odors from a sugar beet processor located in Bay City have lost a key decision at the Michigan Court of Appeals.
Woman Whose Son Was Buried Before She Arrived At Flint-Area Cemetery Loses AppealA woman whose 20-year-old son was buried before she arrived at a Flint-area cemetery has failed to persuade the Michigan Court of Appeals to reinstate her claims of intentional emotional distress.
Suspension Upheld For Michigan Doctor In Medical Marijuana CaseThe Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed a two-year suspension for a doctor who approved nearly 22,000 medical marijuana certificates in a 12-month period.
Michigan Appeals Court Again Vacates Restrictions On Ballot DrivesThe Michigan Court of Appeals on Friday again struck down major changes to the state's ballot drive law, including a limit on how many voter signatures can come from any one region.
Court Blocks Drive For More Marijuana In Mount PleasantThe Michigan Court of Appeals has blocked an effort to increase the number of marijuana businesses to 10 from three in Mount Pleasant.
Court Affirms Death Sentence For 2 Dogs In Horse Attack In Presque Isle CountyTwo dogs blamed for an attack on a horse in the northern Lower Peninsula can be put to death, the Michigan Court of Appeals said.
Man Wins Appeal Over Being Sentenced By VideoThe Michigan Court of Appeals has granted a new hearing to a man who claimed his rights were violated when he was sentenced for a crime by video, a common practice during the coronavirus pandemic.
Case Surrounding The Reopening Of Michigan Bistro Goes To Appeals CourtThe owner of Marlena's Bistro and Pizzeria in Holland was jailed for refusing to comply with local health orders, and now her legal team has filed the case with the Michigan Court of Appeals.
Michigan Family Loses Appeal In Lawsuit Over Priest's Funeral RemarksA priest who criticized a teenager's suicide during his funeral is protected by the religion clauses of the First Amendment, the Michigan Court of Appeals said.