Michigan Matters: Legalizing Recreational Marijuana: a Good Idea?On this week’s Michigan Matters, Carol Cain discusses Proposal 1 on this year’s election ballot. Proposal 1 passing would mean the legalization of recreational marijuana in the State of Michigan. Carol looks at both sides of the controversial issue with those for and against the policy.
Michigan Matters: Judge ‘Scary Mary’s’ Epic Path to TV’s ‘Face The Truth’Judge “Scary Mary” Chrzanowski appears on “Michigan Matters” and talks about her fascinating life and career as a former Macomb Circuit Court judge to panelist on “Face the Truth”.
Michigan Matters: Election 2018: the Bumpy Home StretchWith little over a month to go before people head to the polls and vote for a new governor, and other elected jobs in state government, the “Michigan Matters” roundtable dived into a riveting discussion of those races.
Michigan Matters: Celebrating Art and Preparing Students for JobsOn this week’s Michigan Matters, it’s a show celebrating the arts and education around the state of Michigan.
Michigan Matters: Ilitch, Patterson & Roberts, Should Detroit Subsidize the Corktown Deal?Should the city of Detroit offer tax incentives of $100 million to help Ford bring its $740 million Corktown project to life at the defunct train station?
Michigan Matters: DPS Leader talks Academics, Enrollment and Water WoesEntering his second year on the job, Dr. Nikolai Vitti, Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District discussed revamping its school curriculum and growing enrollment on Michigan Matters.
Michigan Matters: Goodfellows Giving Back & TEDxDetroit Celebrating Innovators
Michigan Matters: The Cost Of EducationAs students head back to the classroom, a new poll released by a group of educators and community leaders from across the state found support for changing the way Michigan schools are funded to better meet the needs of all students.