Michigan Workers Push For Higher Fast-Food Wages; Protesters Promise To Be PeacefulSupporters of boosting the minimum wage in metro Detroit are making their collective voices heard Thursday morning.
Dozens Arrested During Minimum Wage Protest At Detroit McDonald'sThose arrested were among the crowd of about 100 protesters marching around the fast food restaurant on Mack Avenue.
Higher Minimum Wage Rates Take Effect In MichiganMichigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation in May to raise the state’s minimum wage by 25 percent gradually over the next four years.
State Board Of Canvassers Denies Opportunity For Minimum Wage Issue To Be On November BallotThe State Board of Canvassers said the Raise Michigan Coalition didn't have enough valid signatures.
Michigan Elections Board Torn Over Minimum WageThe voter-initiated law would increase the minimum to $10.10 an hour over time.
Raising The Minimum Wage Could Be A Good First Step [OPINION]The debate about the minimum wage is taking place because enough Americans believe the rules of commerce should be adjusted.
5 Things To Know About Michigan's Minimum Wage RaiseLawmakers said the gradual increase is better for employers who might need time to adjust to paying employees more...
Macomb County Exec Talks Waterfront Development, Minimum Wage And More At Mackinac ConferenceWWJ spoke live with Mark Hackel. one of many local leaders attending the Detroit Regional Chamber's Mackinac Policy Conference.
Governor Signs Bill Raising Minimum Wage To $9.25 Hour By 2018The compromise was struck a day before a committee turns in petition signatures for a higher minimum wage hike.
House Committee Approves $8.50 Minimum Wage BillA House panel is supporting legislation to raise the minimum wage to $8.50 per hour after the Senate passed a $9.20 per hour plan.
Michigan Senate Votes To Increase Minimum Wage To $9.20A Republican bill to raise the minimum wage from $7.40 to $9.20 an hour has passed the Michigan Senate.
McDonald's Workers In Detroit, Flint Rally For $15 Minimum WageIt's a campaign by unions to bring attention to the plight of low-wage workers and get the public behind the idea of a $15-an-hour wage
Business Lobbyist On Minimum Wage Petition: "We Don't Have Any Problem Derailing That Effort"The political battle over the effort to raise the minimum wage in Michigan continues between Lansing and proponents of a petition drive.
GOP Leader's Bill May Thwart Michigan Minimum Wage ProposalSenate Majority Leader Randy Richardville introduced the bill about three weeks before the deadline for backers of the higher wage hike to file signatures.
Hey Big Spender ... What's Fair For Minimum WageA bill brought to the house by Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge, would increase the hourly minimum to $8.15 from $7.40 in December. The minimum for tipped employees – wait staff and bartenders – would rise a dime to $2.75 per hour.