This Weekend The Brightest Comet Of The Year Streaks By EarthThe night sky will come alive this weekend when a green comet streaks by Earth on the heels of the Geminid meteor shower's display of green fireballs.
NASA's Voyager 2 Probe Has Entered Interstellar Space After 41 YearsNASA's Voyager 2 probe, launched in 1977, is now more than 11 billion miles from Earth and has reached interstellar space, the agency said Monday.
Today At 3pm New Lander Will Add To Humans' Fascination With MarsIn our solar system family, Mars is Earth's next-of-kin, the next-door relative that has captivated humans for millennia. The attraction is sure to grow with Monday's arrival of a NASA lander named InSight.
NASA's Newest Mission Could Launch This WeekNASA's ICON mission to explore where Earth's weather meets space weather was expected to launch early Wednesday, but did not go up.
Strange Rectangular Iceberg Spotted By NasaA strikingly rectangular, naturally formed ice sheet has been spotted by NASA during a regular flyover on October 16.
How To See The International Space Station From Michigan TonightThe International Space Station is visible every night, but it's fleeting. This tool increases the chances you'll see it over Michigan.
NASA Finds 'Water Ice' On The Surface Of The MoonScientists have long believed that water ice could exist in the ever-dark recesses at the moon's poles and that belief has finally been confirmed in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Aug. 20.
NASA Mission To Touch The Sun Launches SaturdayHumanity's first visit to a star begins this weekend. NASA's Parker Solar Probe will explore the sun's atmosphere in a mission that is expected to launch early Saturday.
Astronomers Have Found the Fastest-Growing Black Hole Ever Seen Astronomers have found the fastest-growing black hole ever seen in the universe, and they're calling this one a monster with an appetite.
Woman Sues NASA To Keep Moon Dust Gift From Neil ArmstrongA woman is suing NASA over a gift she claims was given to her by the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.
New NASA Discoveries Advance Case for Possible Life on Mars New Mars discoveries are advancing the case for possible life on the red planet, past or even present.
New Nasa Spaceship Will Dig Deep Into MarsNASA is going to Mars again, this time with the first spaceship dedicated to digging deep below the surface to find out what's shaking on the red planet.
Uranus Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Scientists ConfirmIt likely won't get any easier for the seventh planet in our solar system as a new report has confirmed that Uranus does actually stink like bad gas.
Life Beyond Plant Earth? 'There Are Certainly The Conditions For Life ...' Says Astronomer"We've known for a few years ... that there are simple organic compounds there - we know there's an ocean there."
NASA: 7 Newly Discovered Earth-Sized Planets Could Possibly Sustain LifeThe cluster of planets is 40 light-years away in the constellation known as Aquarius.