What Is An Insurance Card?Different insurance companies have different formats for their insurance cards, but all cards contain the same basic information.
Where Can I Get Care?Your insurance company and state government maintain directories of doctors. These can be great starting places for learning where to get care.
Obamacare Questions? Get Help At An Enrollment Fair TodaySeveral community groups are holding an enrollment fair to get people signed up for health coverage under Obamacare.
Saturday Is 'National Youth Enrollment Day' For Health Insurance"Young folks can come in, talk to experts, explore their options, talk about the value of owning a health insurance plan."
Health Insurance Deadline Looms For Detroit RetireesThe city will stop providing health insurance to retirees beginning March 1.
DMC Launches 'Path To Health' CampaignDetroit's biggest health system kicks off a new campaign to help people get signed up for Obamacare.
Rural Michigan Faces Many Barriers To Health CareSue Cook is going to the ends of the earth, or what feels like it, to help people try to sign up for insurance under the new federal health care law.
Wait Over For Some Uninsured; Law's Effect UnclearMichigan fares well compared with other states on the portion of its residents with insurance, but because it's a big state, it still has more than 1 million uninsured, 12th-most in the country.
The Best of Everything 2013 [BLOG]The end of another year approaches many people will pause to reflect...Just kidding.
The Affordable Care Act: What's In It For You?Even if you’re not enrolling in new coverage under Obamacare, the health law has some benefits that will kick in for 2014 that you may not know about.
Deadline Looms For Enrolling In Health Plan Under Affordable Care ActMonday is the deadline to select health care plans under the Affordable Care Act, or what some people call Obamacare.
Election Watch: Will Obamacare Hurt Democrats In 2014?Less than a year from now, voters head to the polls for the 2014 midterm elections.
BCBS Offers Obamacare Help Via Text MessageWeeks away from a big deadline to get coverage under the new health care reform law, there's a new tool to help figure out the cost of getting insured.
Objective Obamacare Info: Oakwood Hospital Hosts SeminarsThe deadline to enroll for 2014 coverage is December 23.
Obamacare Key Dates In 2014Implementation of the health reform law continues through 2014 with these key dates.