Catholic Conference Applauds SCOTUS Decision Against Blaine AmendmentsThe Court found unconstitutional that state's policy to prohibit religious schools from equal access to a public education benefit.
Governor Whitmer Spends Friday Working In Grand Rapids SalonMichigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer brought her “Work With Whitmer” tour to Grand Rapids. Whitmer visited two businesses that opened under the “MI Safe Start Program.”
Michigan GOP’s Propose Plan To Use $1.3B In Federal Aid To Avoid School CutsMichigan's top Republican lawmakers are proposing a school reopening plan that would use $1.3 billion in federal funds to offset coronavirus-related expenses.
Deferral Of Summer Taxes Included In Bill Sent To Gov. WhitmerThe deadline to pay summer property taxes, typically Sept. 14, would be deferred to March 1, 2021.
Vice President Mike Pence Visits Sterling HeightsVice President Mike Pence will be in Macomb County on Thursday.
Court of Claims Rules Governor Whitmer Exceeded Her AuthorityMichigan Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray ruled Governor Whitmer went beyond her authority when she set out for possible felony penalties for companies who violated her emergency orders concerning workspace safety from COVID-19.
Michigan Matters: Bill Ford On Pandemic, Trump's Visit, Social InjusticeAs Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of the auto giant, continues to deal with the pandemic, he took time out to talk with Carol Cain, Trump visited Ford two weeks ago and CBS 62 was invited to join the  presidential motorcade.
Governor Whitmer Apologizes for Suggesting People Google How to Cut HairIn a phone interview on the Mojo In The Morning radio show, Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an apology to hairstylists and barbers suggesting people can Google on how to cut their own hair.
Trump Tees It Up For First Time Since COVID-19 LockdownTrumps return to the course was the latest sign that he wants the country back to pre-outbreak times, even as the U.S. death toll from the virus nears 100,000, twice what he once predicted it would be.
President Trump Threatens To Cut Michigan's Funding After Absentee Ballot MoveMichigan mailed applications for the absentee ballots, not the ballots themselves.
Whitmer Addresses Biden's VP Ticket SpeculationWhitmer said she's had "a conversation with some folks" but "all of her energy" is going into helping Michigan fight the coronavirus.