Facing Life Behind Bars, Convicted Murderer Theodore Wafer Expected To Apologize To Slain Teen's FamilyThe man convicted of killing a 19-year-old woman on his porch is expected to make a statement before learning his fate.
College Teammate Of Man Sentenced In Porch Shooting: 'He Was Just A Nice Guy'Theodore Wafer will be sentenced for shooting and killing Renisha McBride, the unarmed woman who crashed her car near his home and pounded on his door looking for help.
Minimum 17-Year Sentence Sought In Porch Shooting Wayne County prosecutors said Theodore Wafer's sentencing guidelines for murder call for a minimum punishment anywhere between 15 and 25 years in prison.
Attorney Says Porch Shooter 'Shocked' By Murder Verdict: 'We Will Definitely Appeal'"If he gets sentenced under the murder guidelines, it's a death sentence," Theodore Wafer's attorney told WWJ, saying she will "definitely" appeal his second-degree murder conviction.
Family, Neighbors React After Jury Finds Theodore Wafer Guilty Of 2nd Degree MurderTheodore Wafer never denied shooting McBride when she showed up drunk on his porch before dawn.
Theodore Wafer Found Guilty Of Second Degree Murder In Renisha McBride Porch ShootingA suburban Detroit homeowner who opened his front door and blasted an unarmed woman on his porch has been found guilty of second-degree murder.
Jury Deliberates In Dearborn Heights Porch Shooting TrialIs this a case of murder or self defense?
Defendant Theodore Wafer Grilled In Porch Shooting: 'I Was In Shock'Yesterday he testified he grabbed the gun and went to the door when he heard the knocking because he refused to "cower" in his house. Wafer described the knocking as "violent."
Theodore Wafer Testifies In His Own Defense In Renisha McBride Porch Shooting CaseWhen asked about McBride, Wafer said he thinks about her every day. "This poor girl, she had her life ahead of her," he said.
Defense Presents Case In Dearborn Heights Porch Shooting TrialIt appears Renisha McBride was knocking so hard she hurt her hand just before she was fatally shot on the defendant's front porch.
Focus Turns To Cell Phone Records On Day Three Of Porch Shooting TrialSeveral phone calls and texts were made by Renisha McBride's father during the evening when she was fatally shot on Wafer's porch, according to ATF cell phone analyst Stan Brue.