Deteriorating Condition Of Roads An Ongoing Issue In MichiganThere’s been no shortage of complaints about, and problems with, large potholes and cracks since the spring thaw.
Construction Barrels, Trash Fill Potholes On Detroit StreetThree barrels have been placed in the holes, along with a huge section of concrete ...
Technology In 2017 Ford Fusion Helps Protect Against Pothole DamagePotholes may be unavoidable, but Ford has apparently figured out a way to make them less jarring.
AAA: Pothole Damage Costs Drivers $3 Billion Every YearThe report says drivers, on average, pay $300 to repair pothole-related vehicle damage.
Mild Winter Weather Means More Potholes For Drivers To DodgeWarmer days followed by freezing nights mean the roads expand and contract, creating cracks.
Tired Of Potholes, Hamtramck Residents Buy Cold Patch, Take Repairs Into Their Own HandsSix residents in one of the poorest communities in Michigan got together and purchased 900 pounds of cold patch and spent a recent steamy July day on Lumpkin Road, pounding it in themselves.
Survey: Metro Detroit Roads 4th Worst In Nation, Cost Drivers Nearly $900 Each YearWe all know the roads in metro Detroit are in terrible shape, but just how bad is it?
Investigators Say Worn Tires, Not Potholes, Caused Fatal CrashFour potholes, including one measuring 4.3 feet by 13.6 feet, were east of the crash scene in Oakland County's Lyon Township.
Republican-Led House OKs Michigan Road-Funding PlanMost bills were approved primarily along party lines Wednesday in the Republican-controlled House.
Eliminating Tax Credits For Low-Income Families Part Of New Republican Plan To Fix Roads"We can do it - if we have the will to prioritize," said House Speak Kevin Cotter.
May Election Tests Pothole Angst Vs. Will To Raise TaxesMore than half of Michigan's major roads will be in poor condition within a decade if nothing's done, up from 38 percent in 2014 and 23 percent in 2006.