President Set To Announce Deal To Boost Fuel EconomyPresident Barack Obama and top auto executives are set to unveil details of a compromise to slash the amount of gasoline cars and trucks will need down the road.
Debt Showdown: Mich. Could Lose Millions Every WeekMichigan could be out $400 million a week in federal funds if the nation hits its debt limit and can't pay its bills.
President Ready To Announce Fuel Economy CompromiseThe White House has set a Friday announcement on new fuel economy rules.
Obama's Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Features Michigan TiesWith manufacturing as important as it is in Michigan, you'd expect the manufacturing technology effort announced by President Barack Obama in Pittsburgh, Pa. Friday to have plenty of Michigan connections. And you'd be right.
Obama To Announce Exit Of Troops In AfghanistanPresident Barack Obama is expected to announce tonight in a nationwide address reducing the number of troops in Afghanistan, moving toward ending that war.
Bing: "Huge" Help On The Way To DetroitReturning from a meeting with President Obama, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says federal help could soon come to the city.
Senator Supports Decision To Withdraw Troops From AfghanistanMichigan's Senior U.S. Senator said he's supportive of an expected decision from President Obama to begin a draw down of troops from Afghanistan as early as next month.
Osama bin Laden Is DeadAfter 10 years of hunting, a team of CIA officers and Navy SEALs kill bin Laden in a firefight near the Pakistani capital
Local Reaction To bin Laden's DeathCallers to the WWJ Listen Line were mostly relieved that bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan.
Obama Releases Long-Form Birth CertificateA state lawmaker wants to force future presidential candidates to present original birth certificates before they can appear on the state's ballot. This, as President Obama releases his long-form birth certificate.
Undocumented Students Rally In DetroitA group of local students gathered in downtown Detroit to publicly declare that they are undocumented and unafraid.
White House Reverberates With Motown SoundThe White House reverberated like a long-ago basement sound studio in Detroit on Thursday as the likes of John Legend, Seal and Jamie Foxx channeled their inner Motown before Michelle and Barack Obama.
Obama Bringing Motown To White HousePresident Obama and the first lady will mark Black History Month at the White House with a celebration of Motown music.
Obama Proposes $350 Million For Great LakesPresident Barack Obama's 2012 budget calls for spending $350 million on a long-range Great Lakes cleanup program.
President Obama Delivers Speech In U.P.President Barack Obama says tomorrow's economy can't thrive on yesterday's infrastructure and that it's time for virtually every corner of the country to have high-speed Internet access.