Poll Shows Romney Gaining In MichiganRecent polls are showing a discrepancy in which presidential candidate is leading in the state of Michigan.
Mich. House Approves Bills To Tighten Voting LawsThe Republican-led Michigan House passed several measures Tuesday aimed at tightening state election laws that backers say would protect against voter fraud and critics counter would create obstacles to voting.
Romney Blasts Obama's 'Old-School Liberal Policies' On Lansing Campaign StopAppearing in Michigan for the first time since winning the Republican presidential primary back in February, Mitt Romney today said it is a time for "new ideas, and a new direction" for America.
MITT ROMNEY DELIVERS REMARKS IN MICHIGANThe following is the complete text of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's remarks in Lansing on May 8, 2012:
Democrats Calling To See 12 Years Of Romney Tax ReturnsBrewer would like to see Romney's tax returns for 12 years as well, exactly what his father George released many years ago as a candidate.
Rick Perry Drops His Presidential BidRick Perry on Thursday dropped his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, throwing his support behind former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Mich. Tea Partiers Seek Consensus Senate PickThe group is sponsoring a Senate debate Saturday at Central Michigan University and plans to return to old a straw poll and decide which candidate will get the group's backing leading up to the August GOP primary.
Dems Want Rule Change To Avoid Confusing Voters"This is clearly partisan mischief," said Michigan Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer.
Romney Hopes Nation Doesn't Follow Path Of Detroit"Someone said, a long time ago, as goes General Motors, so goes the nation. Boy, I sure hope that's not the case ...," said presidential hopeful and Michigan native Mitt Romney.
Newt Gingrich On His Electability: Americans Can Decipher Truth From Lies Former House speaker and current GOP presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich, is spending an extra day in Metro Detroit, hoping to sell Michiganders on his vision for the country.
Cain Tweaks 9-9-9 Tax Plan To Allow ExemptionsSpeaking in front of the decaying Michigan Central Depot in Detroit, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain redefined his tax plan to exclude the poorest Americans and to allow some deductions.