Mich. Legislature OKs Business Property Tax RepealLegislation aiming to eliminate several hundred million dollars in taxes businesses annually pay on equipment is on its way to the governor.
Leaders Revise Business Property Tax-Cut MeasureLeaders from the governor's office and the Legislature on Tuesday introduced a new plan to eliminate the taxes businesses pay on computers and equipment used in the manufacturing process, but it would require voter approval.
Tax-Foreclosed Properties Going Up For BidMore than 700 properties in 12 Michigan counties will be auctioned off during state-sanctioned auctions on Aug. 14 and 15.
Vacant State Land Up For Auction Through July The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has partnered with the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority on the sale of about 140 properties throughout the state of Michigan.
Crews Out To Re-mark All Property In MichiganIt took about 40 years to finish the original survey of Michigan land in the 1800s, but the program to find and restore or replace the monuments that marked property lines may take longer.
Flooding & Tornado Damage In South - Creates Job Opportunities For MichigandersBirmingham-based Belfor Property Restoration is busier than ever with all of the property damage from the tornadoes and flooding in the south and the earthquake in Japan.
Mayor Bing Takes Aim At Blighted Detroit PropertyA big crackdown is coming on landowners with blighted property in the city. It's all a part of Mayor Dave Bings plan to reshape Michigan.
City Fails To Send Tax Bills To Plant Owner
Oakland County Property Values Continue Decline