Opponents Of Proposal 1 Celebrate Resounding VictoryIt was a happy night in Troy on Tuesday, where opponents of Proposal 1 gathered to watch election results.
Snyder: Voter 'Anger' Big Reason For Fall Of Proposal 1Snyder, who traveled across the state to explain the plan and urge its passage, conceded that it was dead shortly after all polls closed.
More Than Just Proposal 1: Metro Communities Prepare For Special Election With Local IssuesIt's not only the roads that will be decided on by voters in a special election on Tuesday. See the list...
Snyder Makes Final Push For Voters To Approve Tax IncreaseSnyder was joined by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon and labor and church leaders at Eastern Market to promote the Proposal One's passage.
Non-Partisan Group Gives Final Analysis Of Proposal 1 Before Special ElectionEric Lupher, the president of the non-partisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan, said that changes in the gas tax mean Proposal 1 would cost drivers more at the pump as well.
'Truth Squad' Checks On Proposal 1 Political AdsVoters decide on Tuesday whether to hike the sales tax in order to fund transportation projects and protect education funding.
Michigan Matters Exclusive: Road War Simmers Over Proposal 1With voters going to the polls Tuesday to consider Proposal 1 -- a supporter and opponents of the measure appeared on "Michigan Matters."
May Election Tests Pothole Angst Vs. Will To Raise TaxesMore than half of Michigan's major roads will be in poor condition within a decade if nothing's done, up from 38 percent in 2014 and 23 percent in 2006.
Report: Poor Condition Of Michigan Roads Costs Motorists Nearly $5 Billion AnnuallyDirector of Research and Policy for the national transportation research group TRIP, Rocky Moretti, said that Michigan's "infrastructure deficit" is only getting deeper.
Gov. Snyder Rocks Pancakes And Politics With Talk Of Road Woes, Prop 1Gov. Rick Snyder brought giant rocks with him -- from potholes found on area roads -- as he took to the Michigan Chronicle's "Pancakes and Politics" stage and talked about why he was supporting Proposal 1.
Pros And Cons Of Proposal 1 Debated During WWJ Newsradio News Special"Even in its best year - 40 percent goes to nothing related to the roads - it doesn't repair our roads."