Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy To Host 3-Day Sexual Assault Kit SummitThe summit will feature victim-centered approaches to handling sexual assault cases, focusing on offender behavior instead of victim behavior.
Erykah Badu Will Continue To Donate Portion Of Ticket Sales To Detroit Rape Kit TestingAfter her concert at Chene Park on Friday, R&B singer Erykah Badu said she will continue to donate a portion of her ticket sales to support the group working to test the remaining abandoned rape kits found in Detroit.
Erykah Badu's Chene Park Concert To Benefit Rape Kit TestingThe effort beginning last year urges black women to raise multiples of $490.
Dozens Of Men Raising Money For Rape Kit Tests In DetroitThe cost of processing a single rape kit? $490.
Lengthy Prison Sentence For Man In Case Tied To Abandoned Rape KitsIt was one of thousands of kits discovered in Detroit police storage in 2009.
Detroit Man Convicted In 2008 Case Tied To Abandoned Rape KitsA 56-year-old man has been convicted in a case involving one of more than 11,000 sexual assault kits left untested in a Detroit police warehouse.
Group To Ask Detroit Churches To Help Support Rape Kit Task ForceSome of the sexual assaults occurred as far back as 1984.
Rape Kit Testing Leads To Arrest Of Flint ManJoseph Starr has been arraigned on 11 felony charges, including first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct, in cases involving three victims. One case involves someone under the age of 13.
Nearly 200 Grand Rapids Rape Kits Held As Evidence UntestedRecords show about half of the sexual assault kits stored by Grand Rapids police were not given to state police for DNA testing.
Wayne County Offers $1M To Fund Investigators For Rape Kit Backlog"I don't know how anyone can turn their back on the multitudes of women -- mostly women, we have some men and children, as well -- but mostly women who have suffered a severe, most intimate sexual assault. I don't think you're human if you do that."
U-M, MSU Rivalry Leveraged To Raise Funds To Test Rape KitsA campaign to get Detroit rape kits tested is using the annual Michigan State University and University of Michigan football rivalry as part of its fundraising efforts.