Judge Dismisses Flying Spaghetti Monster Religion As ParodyHe said in his ruling that "FSMism" is not a religion as outlined by federal law.
Church For Bikers Could Buy Vacant Elementary SchoolThe top offer came from the church --$125,000. The second highest offer for the building was $15,000.
Minister Sues MAC Cosmetics, Says Makeup Requirement Violates ReligionBarry Jones says he refused to try blush, eye shadow, lipstick and fake eyelashes during training because it would violate his religion by causing him "to look like a woman."
New Survey Shows Americans Becoming Less ReligiousDo you believe in God?
Amen! Novi Church Blessing Classic Cars Ahead Of Woodward Dream CruiseIt's a mix of the Dream Cruise and church as a local congregation will bless the cars of Dream Cruisers tonight in their parking lot.
Detroit Church Leaders Protest Satanic Statue Planned To Appear In Eastern Market"I have never thought that Satan and his people would have the audacity to come into our city and raise a shrine..."
Michigan Lawmakers OK Adoption Refusals On Religious GroundsThe legislation passed Michigan's Republican Legislature despite objections that it would permit discrimination against gay couples and others.
Michigan Police: Drunk Customer Attacks Muslim Store WorkersThe Farmington Hills man is charged with ethnic intimidation and assault and battery.
Gay Marriage Case May Affect Discrimination, Religion Bills"You could have a situation where people are allowed to get married in a state but will lose their jobs if they were to come out publicly."
License To Discriminate? Lawmakers Consider Bill Allowing Doctors, EMTs To Refuse Care Of Gay Patients"Talk about controversy," said WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton. "Wow."
Full Appeals Court Will Rehear Bible Believers, Arab Festival CaseA federal appeals court has agreed to take another look at a First Amendment claim made by Christian evangelists who were told to leave an Arab-American street festival or be ticketed by police in Dearborn.