Detroit Makes 2020 List For Best Cities For Football FansA new report ranked more than 240 U.S. cities based on different levels of football fandom. See how Detroit finished.
REPORT: More People Are Surviving Lung Cancer In The USOver the past decade, the rate of new lung cancer cases diagnosed in the United States has dropped 19% and the five-year survival rate has climbed 26%, according to a new report.
Study: Marijuana Use Is Rising Among Young Adults, Especially College StudentsMarijuana use among young adults, especially college students, has been steadily increasing, and the numbers are pretty high, according to a new report.
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US Teens Use Screens More Than Seven Hours A Day On Average. That's Not Including School WorkUS teens spend an average of more than seven hours per day on screen media for entertainment, and tweens spend nearly five hours, a new report finds -- and that doesn't include time spent using screens for school and homework.
How To Avoid Toxic Metals In Your Baby's Food And YoursUpset by reports that up to 95% of baby food contains one or more toxic heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury?
Report: 95 Percent Of Tested Baby Foods In The US Contain Toxic MetalsToxic heavy metals damaging to your baby's brain development are likely in the baby food you are feeding your infant, according to a new investigation published Thursday.
CDC Report: 3 STDs Reach All-Time Highs In The USHealth officials are raising alarm about a rise in STDs across the United States.
REPORT: Your Zip Code May Influence How Long You LiveUsing the most up to date information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Center for Health Statistics along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a first-of-its-kind neighborhood-level report on life expectancy.
STUDY: Antidepressants Are Linked To A Higher Gestational Diabetes RiskTaking antidepressants while pregnant may be associated with an increased risk of gestational diabetes, a new study suggests.
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