Tiny Worms Change Direction Using Human-Like Neural CircuitsA University of Michigan biologist and his colleagues have found that the strategies used by the tiny C. elegans roundworm to control its motions are remarkably similar to those used by the human brain to command movement of eyes, arms and legs.
UM Researchers Get Share Of $250M Dow Will Award To UniversitiesFour University of Michigan projects have received a share of the $250 million that Dow Chemical Co. will award to top universities over the next decade in an effort to help develop a 21st-century workforce and address 21st-century challenges.
UM: Careless Disposal Of Antibiotics Can Create SuperbugsA wastewater treatment plant can provide the perfect mating ground for carelessly disposed of antibiotics to form superbugs that are eventually discharged into streams and lakes, says a University of Michigan researcher.
Michigan Tech Gets Biofuels GrantThe Sustainable Futures Institute at Michigan Technological University will receive $749,996 from the National Science Foundation to develop a research roadmap on biofuels and bioenergy sustainability in the Pan American region and a graduate course in biofuels and bioenergy sustainability, to be offered over the Internet to partner universities.
UM Ecologist: Future Forests May Soak Up More CO2, Buffering Climate ChangeNorth American forests appear to have a greater capacity to soak up heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas than researchers had previously anticipated.
UM: Rising Carbon Levels At End Of Last Ice Age Not Pacific's FaultA new study by a University of Michigan paleoclimatologist and two colleagues suggests that the deep ocean was not an important source of carbon during glacial times, forcing scientists to rethink their theories
MSU Researchers Develop Bomb-Detecting LaserA research team at Michigan State University has developed a laser that can potentially detect roadside bombs, which might save soldiers' lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Government Launches 2 Research Labs On Great LakesThe federal government has dedicated two new research vessels to serve as floating laboratories that research the health of the Great Lakes and its marine life.
U-M Researchers Find Clue To Why Some Get The FluUniversity of Michigan researchers believe they have made a significant breakthrough in determining why some people get the flu and others don't.
UM Gets Grant To Help Great Lakes Cities Adapt To Climate ChangeFaced with increasing risks of intense storms, heat stress, clean water availability and economic hardship, municipal leaders are seeking high-quality, location-specific analyses to help plan for climate change impacts.
MSU Steps Up $615M Physics Project PaceMichigan State University is picking up the pace on plans for hosting a $615 million nuclear research facility.
Microbial Life On Mars: Could Salt Water Make It Possible?How common are droplets of saltwater on Mars? Could microbial life survive and reproduce in them? A new million-dollar NASA project led by the University of Michigan aims to answer those questions.
Study Finds Relationship Between Glaucoma and Diabetes, HypertensionMany Americans suffer from diabetes and hypertension and, according to a study by researchers at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center, these individuals may have an increased risk of developing open-angle glaucoma.
WSU Wins $3M Grant To Foster Science And Research Careers A $3 million grant will help fund a program that Wayne State University students say helps prepare them for careers in research.
New Research Reexamines AddictionResearchers are rethinking the roots of addiction -- whether it's to drugs and alcohol, gambling or sex.