Stafford Rather Would Have Talent Around Him Than A Record Breaking DealTuesday morning Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford spoke to the media and the main theme of the conversation was his "ongoing" contract talks.
Jimmy Howard Hates The YankeesIt’s always good to get a chance to catch up with the Wings number one goalie as the playoffs coming close.
Jeff Riger: I'm Sorry Mr. Beilein!I doubted, ripped and even called for a coaching change when it comes to John Beilein coaching Michigan hoops.
Kevin Ware's Injury Is Gruesome, But Concussions Could Lead To More ProblemsWhile Ware got hashtags and coverage from almost every news organization, where was the same sympathy for Jahvid Best?
What If There's No Backlash To A Gay NFL Player? The reports and they could come true by the time you’re reading this, suggest an NFL player will reveal himself as gay and face the predicted scorn and scrutiny of the public along with the skepticism of his teammates.
Wings Need To Trade For Jerome Iginla Remember the days where the Red Wings could get whoever they wanted?
The Tigers Will Lose Justin Verlander On The Open MarketJustin Verlander said this weekend that if he and the team can’t hammer out a deal by Wednesday, discussions will be shut down so he can concentrate on pitching.
Is 'Splash' The Worst Show On TV? [Blog] It could be the worst piece of pre-planned entertainment since the invention of seats. It makes "Cop Rock" look like "The Wire."
March Madness Produces Best Show Of The Year [BLOG]There isn’t anything better than the tourney, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re a basketball fan.
Who Is Detroit's Biggest Loser? As soon as I heard the news that Jeff Backus is calling it quits after 12 years with the Lions, I immediately started to wonder if he is Detroit's biggest loser.
Lions Free Agent Haul Recap: Some Good, Some Still MissingThe Lions started yesterday with two huge problems: They couldn’t run the ball and had cavernous holes in the defensive secondary.
Reggie Bush Makes The Lions Better InstantlyWe only had to wait about twenty hours. The Lions picked Reggie Bush today, and he immediately becomes the best Lions’ free agent running back pick up since James Stewart, when the team plucked him out of Jacksonville in 2000.
Riger Rumors: Tigers Will Made Blockbuster TradeI'm sick and tired of firing up the internet every single morning and reading all these trade rumors that will never come true.
Advice For The Lions: Go Get Reggie BushThe Lions offseason turns less theoretical in a few hours.
[BLOG] Verlander's Cool With A Gay Teammate; More Should Follow His LeadHe even solves homophobia! We need to get JV to Washington so he can work on the sequester.